Thursday, January 15th

Nick bumps into ‘Gabe’ at the gym – and wonders why he omitted being expelled from school out of his story. Billy eavesdrops.

At the warehouse, Chelsea pins Sharon into a dress. Sorry she was late this morning, Sharon realizes she’s ‘trying too hard’. She then gets a call from David – her court date with Nick is coming sooner than she thought.

At the club, Vikki bumps into Sage – who updates that she and Nick have stayed in touch. Huh. Vikki hadn’t realized they’d ‘gotten so close’.

Mike’s at GCM for his lab work – radiation will start tomorrow.

The blonde wig barely concealed in a bag, Phyllis raves about their great make up sex. Jack now knows what Kelly’s been up to. He had no idea how deranged she is, and will never doubt Phyllis again. Kelly’s ‘can we talk? text goes unnoticed.

As Billy continues to eavesdrop, Gabe tells Nick that Constance was so disappointed – he doesn’t like to remember it. Billy joins them for some good hearted banter. After Nick leaves, they both say he’s a good guy. Billy now feels bad about the way he’s treated Gabe. We should get to know each other.

Fitting over, Sharon’s troubled – the court date makes it real. She gushes over Connor (and weeps at the thought of losing Faith) Chelsea knows Sharon’s a good Mom. Sharon hopes Nick remembers that.

At the club, Vikki and Nick chat about Dylan’s beating – and Mom’s reaction to Dad owning the warehouse district. Vikki then asks Nick if he’s interested in Sage.

Oh, Kelly knew what she was doing alright – some females will do anything to hang onto a man (Phyllis ought to know) At least Jack’s eyes are open now. After Phyllis hurries off to a doctor’s appointment, Jack reads Kelly’s text – and hurries out too.

Nick’s not interested in Sage that way. The condolence call was really for his old pal Gabriel Bingham. Sage is cool. Is that all? Vikki pries. Nick doesn’t think it a good time to start a relationship. He’s not looking to get involved for a long time. Vikki tells him not to close the door on possibility.

Sharon thinks Faith should grow up with both parents – under one roof. Chelsea’s glad she and Adam found their way back to one another. How dirty will Sharon fight? She’s not as willing as her lawyer – and there’s no dirt on Nick. You can always find something, Chelsea opines.

Working out, Billy’s questions make Gabe awkward – he doesn’t like to talk about himself (but he likes to talk about Connor) He’s not mine, Billy confides that Chelsea’s ex was a bastard – the world’s better off without him. He killed my little girl with his car – didn’t stop or tell anyone. When Gabe thinks the guy must have felt horrible, Billy wonders why he’s defending a guy he’s never met.

In the club’s office, Kelly thanks Jack for coming, but is surprised when he claims she’s behind all of this. The florist confirmed YOU bought the flowers. It’s over – done – now!

As Mike exits the DR’s office, the nurse tells tells him that his results will be sent to his oncologist. Mike exits the office to find Phyllis in the hallway. Your oncologist??? she echoes.

At Underground, Nick leaves a message for Avery – then is surprised to find Sage. She needs his help.

Sorry – Gabe offers condolences. Billy’s sorry – you’d have liked Delia – talking about her makes me emotional. Vikki joins them for introductions (both she and Gabe have heard about one another through Nick) After Gabe leaves, Vikki thinks he seems sweet – give him a chance. Gloves on, they begin sparring – until Vikki almost knocks Billy out.

You have cancer? Phyllis is in tears that her BFF didn’t tell her. Mike’s only told Lauren, Kevin and Fen. He updates; the prognosis is good – the side effects of treatment aren’t. Mike’s biggest fear is (basically) that he won’t be able to satisfy Lauren (and she’ll cheat again) Phyllis tells Mike to hold onto the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

A blonde woman ordered the flowers? Kelly scoffs – that bitch is good. Couldn’t Phyllis have hired someone? Please – listen to me – when have I ever lied or manipulated!? Yes, Kelly was hurt and angry, but would never pull a stunt like this. When she got into bed with Jack, she didn’t expect Phyllis to burst in. I’m not that pathetic! I want to be loved for who I am – not because I’m a convenient body. Jack second guesses himself.

Phyllis gives Mike a pep talk; she’s proof that miracles happen. If she and Jack can weather a storm, so can he and Lauren. Why didn’t Mike warn Phyllis that Kelly was a whack job? Mike didn’t know she was. She went off the deep end – but it’s all taken care of now, Phyllis assures. Mike chuckles – what did you do?

Can’t you see what Phyllis is doing!? Jack knows she’s capable of outrageous things – but not this time. He doesn’t believe Kelly, but it’s NOT her he ‘blames’. I blame myself!

Constance’s lawyer is retiring – does Nick know of any? Yes, Avery – she’s fighting his custody battle. Do you think you’ll win? Sage wonders.

Chelsea understands Sharon’s hesitation – but Nick going for sole custody opens him up to anything that can be thrown at him. She’s grateful that she and Adam were able to resolve things. On cue, ‘Gabe’ arrives (and reminds the friendly Sharon that they met at CL’s) Now alone, Gabe doesn’t mind at all that Chelsea brought her son to work today.

Updated on Kelly’s shenanigans, Mike never would have thought she’d do the things Phyllis is accusing her of. And how did Phyllis fight back? She hasn’t done anything – except help Jack see the truth. He’s done with her. Kelly is behind us. Mike hopes that’s true (but worries Phyllis’ need for vengeance will ruin things with Jack) Oh no – Phyllis’ lack of self control is in the past too. Mike laughs in disbelief – I love you.

Jack set Kelly on this path she’s on. No – we can’t talk liek we used to. Jack thinks Kelly needs to talk to a professional, or someone in grief counseling. He’s deeply sorry, but we have no future. I’m marrying Phyllis, and there’s nothing you can do about that (Jack leaves Kelly in tears)

Back in the gym, Vikki apologizes as she brings Billy a bottle of water. She notices he’s had his wedding ring tattoo removed. It was time, he says (Vikki looks sad)

While Chelsea takes a call, Gabe picks up ‘peanut’ – I borrowed this last time I was at Mommy’s (the toy car he stole) I missed you – this feels good, right? Being with Daddy.

Sage thanks Nick for Avery’s number. And as they both appreciate being able to laugh; it’s been a long time. Sharon appears to watch (in full woman-scorned mode)

Mikes nurse is surprised to find him still hanging around. He assumes after he starts radiation he’ll still be able to work, go out to dinner with his wife etc. Of course, if you’re up to it, she leaves him to worry.

Vikki’s planning to remove her tattoo really soon too. Ben? He’s great – and great with the kids. But don’t worry, Katie and Johnny will always know you’re their Father. When Billy mentions that he might be the only Father Connor ever knows, Vikki wonders if he plans to spend his life with Chelsea then.

Chelsea returns to find Connor in Adam’s arms (holding the red car) What are you doing? she asks.

Can I talk to you? Sharon asks. Nick’s busy. I don’t mind, Sage smiles. At the other end of the bar, Sharon tells Nick that the trial starts next week. Things will be revealed that we don’t want to come out. We only have a few days to work it out between us, Sharon leaves Nick to worry.

Kelly looks at a photo of her and Jack (on her phone) It’s not over. Jack, you’re gonna realize, Phyllis is the one who can’t be trusted.

At home, Jack finds the blond wig. Hey honey, Phyllis comes home to ask – what’s that? Good question – you tell me, Jack looks pissed.

Next: He swore he never saw Delia, Chelsea says. You believe him? Adam asks …. Victor confronts Joe – what were you thinking? Sending two thugs to beat up McAvoy? …. Avery watches as Dylan frowns into his phone; Next time, you won’t be so lucky, he’s warned.

My Thoughts: When has Kelly ever lied? Oh, I dunno. When she was sneaking around with Billy? Hiding her relationship with Ben – and, of course, ‘what Ben did’….. Of course Sharon managed to be late for her first day on her new job. If she was ‘trying too hard’ she’d have been early and put her phone on silent until her work was done. It would be much easier to fit the dress on a mannequin – that doesn’t talk, whine and flinch when jabbed with a pin – that doesn’t have hair flopping all over the place – that doesn’t have to answer her phone (or need to be paid) …. I wonder if we’ll get to see Mike being wheeled into the horror that is a radiation machine. The sharp contrast of darkness and the targeted beam of light. The utter silence, broken only by instructions and an occasional beep. beep. beep. MLB could convey that terror. Yet, I expect we’ll only see a horrified Mike – looking down at his legal briefs – because his ability to perform for Lauren is what’s most at stake here. Welcome to daytime – where impotency trumps mortality </sarcasm> … Sharon doesn’t want to ‘burn any bridges’? ha ha. No, only ranches. Ironic that Sharon is a ‘fit’ model while Nick’s trying to prove her ‘unfit’ as a mother …. No, Chelsea, you can’t dig up dirt on ANYONE. Many people don’t have skeletons in their closet that would deem them an unfit parents (in GC, however, I’ll scale that ‘many’ back to ‘some’) …. Sage has lived in that old castle on the outskirts of town or years, but has never ventured into town? Can’t she look in the Yellow Pages for a lawyer? … Oh, so now I’m confused again (which is great, because the show is usually SO predictable) Either way, Phyllis has found a worthy adversary for once … Billy should be ‘washing Gabriel’s car’? Why? So he can wipe his daughter off the rear fender and put the whole thing together? (*gasp* Yes, yes. I did just say that) … Of course neither Adam nor Nick see Billy spying – his orange skin acts as camouflage; he blends right into the club’s woodwork.