Tuesday, June 2nd

Adam joins Yack at his table at the club – blasting him for telling Victor his true identity. YOU were supposed to keep your mouth shut – and I’d keep Billy out of jail for shooting me! Relax – Victor only THINKS he knows who you are. I didn’t tell Victor you were his son, I told him you were MINE.

Marissa returns to Jack in the cargo hold. Face of a Goddess, heart of a warrior – that’s what you always called me. But Marissa won’t unlock Jack (Marco) until he explains why he left her.

Back 5 minutes and you’ve pinned two murders on the wrong guy and arrested me, Kevin (in handcuffs) rants at Harding. Paul’s having Kevin’s computer looked over by forensics. They’ll find something to tie you to GC Buzz’s anonymous tip. Kevin’s granted a phone call; the cuffs removed. Not surprisingly, he calls Mike – how much trouble are you in this time?

In Vikki’s office, Billy talks about tying the two company’s cosmetics lines – a website and a marketing campaign are in the works. Dress up as giant lipstick? Huh? Vikki’s distracted – worried about her Mom. I’m here if you need me, Billy leans in (as Chelsea arrives) Jack. Victor and Ashley want us to work together. Guess you two can’t put the past behind us, she concludes.

Sage is in a hospital bed, sedated and awaiting her appendectomy. It’s not good for the baby, she moans. Nick reminds that it must be done – trust me. It’s time, the doctors come in to announce.

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