Thursday, June 4th

Nikki’s so happy when Neil drops by rehab – but let’s face it, she’s not really staying, she’s hiding out.

Of course he’s just hiding out, Victor barks into his phone. Now do what you’re told – find him. Yack saunters into the lab – Wait – you lost Jack Abbott?! Shut your mouth!Victor hisses.

Marissa fusses over ‘Marco’ – pay the Captain back. Jack now claims he does have the money – and Marissa can have her share if she gets them to it (in America) Go to hell! is her furious response.

Devon and Hilary are celebrating their second chance in bed. Maybe one day, Neil and Lily will understand. Devon would rather focus on re-gifting Hilary with her eternity ring. Hilary Curtis, will you marry me?

At the club, Lauren updates Cane; Mike wants a divorce. He thinks backing away is doing me a favour – it’s breaking my heart, she weeps. Lily watches Cane place a reassuring hand on Lauren’s shoulder.

You upright walking son of a bitch! Avery shouts – Summer just saw you. Joe lies – he merely took a few tentative steps. He wanted to surprise Avery as soon as he could ditch the chair for good. Believe me, he implores.

How did Jack escape? What happened to Kelly? None of my business!? Yack won’t just take Victor’s word that every thing’s under control. He likes Jack’s life. You’re on my turf – and I don’t take kindly to threats. Good – Yack doesn’t make threats. It’s not a gun he has in his jacket; it’s a flash drive – detailing everything since Victor found in him a Peruvian prison cell. If anything happens to him, a copy gets sent to the FBI and Ashley (who arrives on cue)

You’re not hiding out – you’re getting your disease/addiction under control, Neil pimps Victor – you two love each other. It’s special. Looks can be deceiving. But he swallowed his pride and came to us – to save you. But he still couldn’t be vulnerable in front of other people, Nikki grumbles. As for Neil, he’s struggling with his rage.

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