Monday, June 8th

Abby and Ben are alarmed to find Ashley not in her hospital room. She checked herself out, Dr Shelby gripes – when you find her, bring her back asap. She needs to be at GCM – that’s all he can say. Sending Abby search for her, Ben grills Dr Shelby – I’m not leaving here until you tell me what’s going on!!

At CL’s, Kyle and Summer are grumbling that the murderer is still out there – watching and waiting. At least you know it’s not me, Sharon’s cheerily bussing tables. Congratulations – you found a crime you’re not guilty of, Summer sneers.

Somewhere, there’s a broken vase – and blood dripping onto a hardwood floor.

Phyllis appears at the club’s bar to overhear that Joe’s moved back into the club. Now that he can walk, he doesn’t want to put Avery out anymore.

At a nearby table, Yack’s looking at a photo on his phone; the captive Jack he’s just won. As Phyllis plops down to complain about liars, Yack gets another text – does he want his prize dead or alive?

Meanwhile, Jack yanks at his old, rusty chains. Marissa knows it’s a waste of time – none of Marco’s captives ever escaped. How could you love such a cruel man? You were never cruel to me, she purrs. The Captain enters – the winner’s paid so much, he gets to decide – alive or dead.

Abby finds Ashley working at the lab – we have a brand new fragrance; I feel alive. People have seizures every day. I’m fine. But what if it’s not just migraines? Abby worries – talk to me dammit. Ashley is not going back to the hospital – get to work or go!

Ben continues to badger Dr Shelby (who won’t share private patient info) But Ben can get her back here – let’s bend the rules. I’ll guess – tell me if I’m wrong.

Summer is NOT impressed with coffee ‘on the house’. Can you believe her? (Sharon) When Joe arrives, Kyle leaves him to wish Summer had given him time to explain (maybe she can if she sees Avery) After Summer leaves, it’s Sharon’s turn (to guess exactly what happened) Dylan might be with Avery right now, Joe taunts. No, he’s standing right behind you (and so he is)

Phyllis continues to whine about Joe. Something’s up with this guy. Yack sends her off to check on her sister – he has business to attend to anyway (like make a call: I need to see you right away. No, it can’t wait)

Kyle arrives as summoned and is sworn to secrecy. Yack needs some money wired – without his name on it. No, he’s not in trouble. This is the amount and the account. Kyle’s eyes widen – what’s it for? An investment, for our future, Yack claims.

You don’t need me – get rid of me. I’ll disappear, Jack promises. Yes, you will – and the Captain must also kill Marissa. See you soon. Now alone, Marissa wants Marco to signal his men. Jack doesn’t have men waiting with boats. He’s not a drug lord, I’m Jack Abbott; about to die without seeing my family again.

Joe shows Dylan and Sharon that he can walk – thanks to Avery. He leaves Sharon to grill Dylan – didn’t he go to comfort Avery? Yes, Dylan’s happy that Avery threw Joe out, but he’s with Sharon – and happy. You’re the one I want to be with – trust that – trust me.

Aunt Avery? Summer’s startled when Phyllis follows her in. The door was open. Avery?? What the?? Phyllis spots the broken vase and blood on the floor.

Phyllis leaves a message for Avery. The last number she dialed was Dylan, Summer sees on Avery’s home phone.

Dylan and Sharon discuss a repair guy coming. Are we OK? Yes, Sharon was being ridiculous earlier – but everything’s so good …. Dylan goes for his laptop, leaving Sharon to answer the phone. You can stop calling Avery – he’s not coming back, she barks. Settle down – it’s Phyllis – put Dylan on the phone. No, he hasn’t seen Avery. Phyllis explains …. it looks like… there’s some blood. Call the police, Dylan says, hangs up – and runs out (leaving Sharon to roll her eyes)

No, Ashley won’t at least go home – she must protect the Jabot brand (even if it’s on her own) Do ONT worry Jack, Billy or Traci. No, Ashley’s not scared. And who should she ‘admit that too’. Me, Abby says – but knows Ashley’s talking about a man. Ben marches in – if you don’t go back to GCM, you could die.

You’re not my Marco? No – Jack should have told Marissa a long time ago. It’s mistaken identity. Marissa sensed something was off. Jack just wants to see his family. Then how are we going to get out of this mess? You seem like a smart man. Yes, in a boardroom – but not on this boat. Marco would tell me to fight. Marissa WILL get them out of here!

I’d do anything for you – but keeping this a secret? Yack would never get Kyle into trouble. OK – it’s going to a cargo company in South America – it could save Newman Abbott millions in shipping fees. You’re the only person I can trust with this. The car accident brought us closer – trust me. Our future is riding on this. Please – do this for your Father, Yack implores.

Dr Shelby had no right, Ashley grumbles. He did nothing more than confirm Ben’s own diagnosis; Ashley has a congenital aneurysm at the base of her brain – she needs an operation. A complicated but necessary procedure. Ashley wants to work. But Ashley wants to work – there’s no guarantee she’ll be able to function at the same level. I could be incapacitated – or die. Why should I put myself in the surgeons hands? Because I can’t lose you, Abby replies.

Sharon accosts Joe at the club’s bar – hoping he could tell HER what’s going on with Avery. It’s in both our best interests to keep Dylan and Avery apart, she reminds – would you do anything to make that happen? Listen up, Joe loves Avery – he’d never hurt her.

Phyllis thanks Paul for coming. As a cop looks around Avery’s apartment, she and Summer update. No, they haven’t checked on Avery’s car. Dylan enters – it’s gone.

Paul’s put an APB out on Avery’s car. Phyllis and Dylan are both surprised to hear that Joe didn’t just move out – he was thrown out (Summer explains) Phyllis is sure Joe ‘lost it’. She’ll let Paul conduct his investigation, but don’t expect me and Dylan to back off. Dylan has no choice, Paul turns and sighs (he’s gone)

Yack puts his phone down as Kyle returns to report he wired the money. You will never know how much this means to your old man. Yack will not forget this – it won’t go unrewarded. He then gets a call – oh no.

When the Captain announces that payment has been received, and Jack’s whining fails, Marissa puts her plan in action; using her body as a bargaining chip. No, she’s not trying to save her lover Marco, just herself.

Dylan charges through the revolving door – Avery’s missing. Sharon informs him that Joe’s here, at the bar, she just spoke to him. Sending Sharon back to manage CL’s (though she doesn’t budge) Dylan confronts Joe – where’s Avery – what did you do to her?

Back in a robe and in a hospital room, Ashley’s comforted by Abby. I love you. I love you more. Ready? Ben returns as Ashley’s wheeled off in tears for her tests. Abby turns to cry on Ben’s shoulder.

Marissa asks that the Captain dines with her – alone – she’ll convince him she’s sincere. With a kiss, her chains are removed. Jack can only watch helplessly.

Yack and Kyle join Phyllis and Summer (who blames herself for what might have happened to Avery) Paul comes out to tell Phyllis they’re doing everything they can. Then go question Joe – that’s exactly what Dylan’s doing, she barks.

As Sharon watches, Dylan slams his hand on the bar as he demands to know what Joe did to Avery. Where do you guys get off being so self righteous? Joe stands – YOU had the affair. Now you’re too busy playing knight in shining armour to Sharon; don’t know where your one true love is? Joe suggests Dylan check his bed – maybe she turned back into the needy bitch who once loved you! Dylan punches Joe in the face.

He better be talking to Joe – he knows something, Phyllis grumbles outside Paul’s office. Ending his call, he then comes out to report that Avery’s car’s been found by the lake. Their relief is short lived – um, they didn’t find Avery.

Next: We need to perform surgery as soon as possible, the surgeon reports. How soon can you schedule this? Ben jumps in. Wait, Ashley didn’t say she’s going through with it … Phyllis confronts Joe – I may not have any proof you did something to my sister, but I’ve got this little feeling. There’s another reason why she’s missing, Joe interrupts.

My Thoughts: If Ashley had a seizure, it’s highly irresponsible for her to be driving her car around town. Even yesterday she scoffed at the side effects of her meds, joking that she’s ‘not operating heavy machinery’. Guess what Ms ‘function at a high level’ – a car is heavy machinery. One ran over your niece, remember? …. Good Lord Sharon – yes, you are ‘ridiculous’ – stop being so clingy and insecure – and what part of ‘go back to Crimson Lights’ do you not understand? And unless the Winters are there en mass, why is there never any staff scurrying around the club? Joe was just at the bar – where’s the bartender? How many times is Dylan going to sucker punch someone in the middle of a restaurant before he’s arrested for assault? At the very least, he needs some anger management. And to think, HE’S Sharon’s calming influence … Why does Joe now need a cane to walk with? …. Ben’s an ‘honest and decent’ man – who wants to ‘bend the rules’ and to hell with patient/doctor confidentiality. Too bad he’s not nearly as concerned about the son he hasn’t seen in years …. Jack looks pretty smelly. Marissa must be quite enamored to get that close to whom she thinks is Marco … So, today’s mystery is where in the world is Avery Bailey Clark? Can’t we close one case before opening up another? .. Phyllis needs to back off – Paul’s got more on the go than your sister, who hasn’t even been missing 24 hours … Why is Kyle even questioning Yack? When’s the last time he did any WORK for Jabot? Does he have a title? What are his duties? He seems to think that babysitting Summer is his full time job… In a boardroom, Jack Abbott can ‘crush’ anyone? TGVN begs to differ.