Tuesday, June 9th

At the club, Sharon gets in between Dylan and Joe. Press charges? You forget who his Dad is, she reminds. Go ahead, call the cops, Dylan challenges, Avery’s the victim. Mind if I check your suite? Yes, Joe does (and gives him a shove)

At the station, Paul has news – Avery’s car was found – but there’s no sign of Avery. Where could she be? Phyllis worries (along with Yack, Summer and Kyle)

Billy joins Ben and Abby in Ashley’s hospital room. We had to drag her here, they update – she’s scared. When Ashley’s wheeled in, Dr Akeem confirms the diagnosis – an aneurysm. How soon for surgery? Ben asks. Wait – Ashley didn’t say she’d do it.

Victor drops by Vikki’s office to announce that Jack’s about to double cross them.

The chains removed, Marissa promises the Captain a night he’ll never forget ~kiss~ As they go to his cabin, Jack’s left to pick at a nail on the wood crate he’s sitting on.

Working through the pain, Jack continues to work on pulling the nail out.

Why is Victor suddenly suspicious of Jack? Has something happened? Well, yes – Victor reports that his new partner in crime is inquiring about withdrawing funds. No, Vikki’s not to go to Jack – ask Ashley. Vikki informs that she left an urgent message re: Hex, but is nowhere to be seen) Hmm, Victor also wonders – that’s not like Ashley.

Ashley wants to hear her options. There’s two, Ben stresses – have the surgery or die (which Dr Akeem confirms). I can’t lose you, Abby repeats. Billy needs Ashley too. In tears, she agrees – I’ll do it. As Dr Akeem goes to schedule immediate surgery, Billy goes to call Jack. That leaves Ben and Abby to comfort a scared and weepy Ashley.

Forget about the car – how do we find my sister? Phyllis grills Paul. Yack steps back in – he got a call from Billy; Ashley’s in the hospital. Telling Kyle to stay with Summer, Yack leaves. Phyllis assures Paul that Avery’s disappearance is no accident.

Back in Paul’s office, Phyllis believes there IS foul play (and Joe’s responsible) Paul won’t jump to conclusions – I’ll keep you posted, he sends them out. Kyle and Summer agree with Phyllis about Joe. The last time Phyllis saw Avery, she said some harsh things; which she won’t forgive herself for if … ~hug~

What’s in your room that you don’t want me to see? Dylan growls – then gets a timely call from Paul. You think I have Avery tied to my bed? Joe asks Sharon. His call ended, Dylan looks dumbfounded – they found Avery’s car by the lake. You don’t seem surprised Joe, why’s that?? he wonders.

At GCM, Yack’s updated. Traci’s been told to stay put. Ashley’s strong, Billy reminds. Ben didn’t know Ashley beat breast cancer. Covering his confusion (as he didn’t either) Yack steps into the hallway to re-read the Captain’s ‘dead or alive’ text.

Jack continues to ruin his nails on the nail 😉 I can’t, he groans. Phyllis appears to give him encouragement (he can only hope she’s trying to find him) I believe in you, she says before disappearing. Freshly motivated, Jack sucks it up and again tries to pull the nail out.

As the ship ploughs through the dark night, Jack manages to undo the chains as Marissa returns – she left the Captain drunk – but he’ll wake up soon. But there’s too many guards and nowhere to go. Jack’s happy to hear that the Captain is texting with a 262 area code; someone’s trying to save me! We must let them know I’m alive!

Back at GCM, Victor hugs Abby – and is updated. Vikki’s also there for support. Ashley’s wheeled out on a gurney; if anything happens to me… I love you. All offer words of encouragement. Ben will be in the OR. Telling Vikki how great Ben’s been, Abby doesn’t understand why she’s so cool with it. Vikki knew things wouldn’t last with Ben – the break up wasn’t bitter (and there was always Ashley) Billy frowns as he listens.

Phyllis sends Summer and Kyle to GCM (then badgers Paul some more) If he won’t question Joe, she will! Oh look who’s here! Dylan and Joe arrive arguing. It’s not the time or place, Paul barks – take it down a notch. Since Joe’s willing to answer questions, Paul sends Dylan out – or I’ll arrest you.

In Paul’s office, Joe admits he saw Avery last night. Paul needs to know everything that happened. From when? Start with after Avery found out you were lying to her for weeks.

What Ben and I have is real – there’s no one else in the picture, Abby assures Vikki (who’s glad to hear it, and heads to the chapel) Billy then chats with Vikki – he’s grateful she’s there and so amazingly calm. Yes, he overheard – about someone else being in the picture when she was with Stitch. Let’s focus on Ashley, Vikki gives him a hug.

Yack asks Victor if he has news on Jack Abbott’s whereabouts. I assure you I will, Victor walks off. Yack again reads his ‘dead or alive’ text.

In the cargo hold, Jack’s McGyvering a ‘diversion’; steel wool and a battery. He learned some tricks when he was a boy scout. Marissa? Where are you? She steps out to tell the Captain that she was saying good bye to Marco. He shows her a text; deliver Marco alive. I want to kill him myself.

Where’s Paul getting his information? Summer told him that Joe was deceiving her Aunt. Yeah, well his plan to surprise Avery backfired, so he gave her time to cool off. Joe flashes back to their fight – he ‘made a suggestion’. What suggestion? Joe lies – he decided to move out. No, Avery didn’t say where she was going. What was the last thing Joe said to Avery? Again he lies – we said our good bye’s; end of story.

After leaving a message for Yack, Phyllis is infuriated when Paul lets Joe walk out (because there’s no reason to hold him) My sister is missing, maybe worse, Phyllis thinks that a good reason.

Returning to CL’s, Dylan updates Sharon that nothing’s changed. I’m so sorry, Sharon gives him a hug. Over her shoulder, he sees Avery on the patio – and quickly sending Sharon home, rushes to the patio to hug Avery; I was so scared. I thought I’d lost you. No, you didn’t lose me, she says through tears as she clings to Dylan. Returning, Sharon’s NOT happy at what she sees.

Phyllis accosts Joe to the club; the police may buy his lame story, but she doesn’t. Joe would never hurt Avery. We were married for years – did she ever say I was violent? No, but Phyllis has a feeling. Joe claims there’s another reason why Avery’s missing.

As Sharon exits unseen, Dylan’s so glad Avery’s there – they all thought the worst. She needed to get away; her car broke down; she had no cell signal. What happened last night with Joe? We fought, it wasn’t pretty. I threw him out. He threatened to tell the police I threw him off the balcony on purpose. Avery couldn’t sit at home waiting to to be arrested. You’re not the type of person to run, Dylan’s puzzled. Avery’s never been scared like she was by Joe last night.

Yack and Billy update Kyle and Summer that Ashley’s in surgery. Avery? She’s still missing. Ben comes out – Dr Akeem has every reason to believe that Ashley will be fine. He’s glad he was able to be there for her. Me too, Abby gives him a hug (as Vikki watches)

As Jack manages to start a fire, Marissa’s outside, barking at the Captain; you’re sending Marco off to a killer? That’s not honourable. Honour? The Captain’s just pissed he won’t get to kill Marco himself. As he heads into the cabin, it’s filled with fire and smoke.

Still in his office, Paul gets a call (he wants to know every move Joe makes)

Sharon comes through the club’s revolving door to tell Phyllis that Joe didn’t hurt Avery – she’s with Dylan at CL’s.

Avery tells Dylan that Joe’s dangerous – he paid people to beat you up. When Dylan sees a bruise on her arm, Avery finally confides that Joe once hit her – she blocked it out. After last night, there’s no telling what he’ll do next. You can’t help me – the only person who can is ME. Avery must leave town. She needed to say good bye.

She looks so pretty, Abby whimpers as her Mom’s still asleep. Dr Akeem’s confident she’ll be OK, Ben reassures her.

Kyle, Billy and Yack chat in the hallway. Yack has a surprise lined up for Ashley when she wakes up; a plan for the company. After a brief interruption by Summer, Yack announces; Gentlemen, it’s time to overthrow the king – to take this company for ourselves. It’s about damn time, Billy grins as the Abbott men clasp hands.

What’s up with those three? Vikki asks Summer. She assumes they’re happy about Ashley. As Summer goes to call Phyllis, Vikki joins Victor – she too gets the impression they’re up to something.

As the Captain calls for help, Jack and Marissa hurry out – it’s time to get the hell off this boat! Jack says. Seconds later, the ship explodes.

Next: Pack up and get out, before someone really messes up that pretty little face of yours, Phyllis warns Joe (Sharon still there) …. I hate not being able to make eye contact with you – over a harmless little kiss, Lauren says. You kissed my husband!? Lily’s shocked … Cane’s shocked too – You want me to sleep with your wife!? I want my wife to be happy, Mike confirms.

My Thoughts: Oh look – as Sharon gets in between Joe and Dylan, a member of the club’s staff passes by TWICE without even checking on the obvious conflict … Since Avery’s not in Joe’s room, why wouldn’t he let Dylan check it out? … Sad but true that Sharon’s right, Joe would be laughed out of Paul’s office if he tried to press charges against Dylan (despite him being assaulted in front of witnesses) …. So is Avery leaving town for good? She may as well – Sharon won’t let this go. But why would she let her sister and niece worry about her? And doesn’t she plan to let her law partner know? Mike doesn’t exactly have his mind on business; he’s too busy pimping out his wife… If Avery felt she was destined to be with Dylan, why wouldn’t she confide in him that Joe had once assaulted her? The one time Joe kissed her in her office, she threatened to charge him with ‘battery’ – and she didn’t seem scared of him when she slapped him … For a minute there, I thought Marco/Yack was going to do the right thing – return Jack to his family. I’m not sure how a drug lord plans to overthrow someone as business-minded as Victor… At best, Marissa and Jack are floating in the ocean – at least he’ll be cleaner looking. Fitting words; why would Jack want to ‘rock the boat now’? …. Summer’s white skirt looks more and more rumpled and ill-fitting every episode …How is Traci supposed to enjoy travelling through Switzerland with her sister undergoing brain surgery?…. Why does ghost John only appear to Jack? You’d think he might pop in before his ‘Beauty’ heads into surgery…. Why on earth would Paul confide Summer’s statement to Joe? Shouldn’t that be confidential? … It’s late evening – how convenient that Ashley hasn’t had anything to eat or drink all day… Who knew Paul was an auto mechanic? Avery’s car started, but then died right away; must be the fuel pump, he determines. So, Avery, in her high heels, walked all the way from the lake into town? Without anyone seeing her? She didn’t think to stop at a phone booth? (those do exist still right?) … Jack would make a great contestant on Survivor – he had a fire roaring in no time. Good thing, there was a large batter in the cabin…. Joe’s a liar, a cheat, and a stone cold manipulator, Phyllis declares (like she’s none of those things)