Friday, September 11th

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Meeting in a camper, Adam calms his partner down. Prison must have made Ian paranoid – he’s NOT in cahoots with Victor and Jack – merely manipulating them and keeping them off Ian’s back – you should be thanking me. Ian’s really only after Victor – to teach him some humanity and retribution. He has his own watchdog, Ian warns the ‘genius’.

As Kevin arrives at the club, Victor’s on the phone with Jack – he’s currently checking to see his system’s been breached. Anything your end? No – Jack will let him know – per our agreement ~click Phyllis returns to scold Jack for breaking the rules. Victor’s not keeping up his end of the bargain, Jack grumbles – he’s holding something back. He’s not the only one, Phyllis suspects.

Sharon’s leaving Mariah in charge at CL’s to go to a doctor’s appointment. Dylan appears – determined to go along. Sharon dissuades him – next time. As Ester struggles with the espresso machine, Dylan grills Mariah – you know something I don’t.

Chelsea’s at Victor’s office – to accuse Vikki of falsely increasing sales (to show her that staying at NE is the right thing to do) Vikki denies she manipulated sales figures. It wouldn’t just spike – who’s responsible? Chelsea persists. I am, Abby appears.

Ian pours drinks as he tells Adam that he didn’t cover his tracks – Victor’s IT guys know someone tried to hack in. The virus is doing it’s work – but Ian’s ‘colleague’ had to fix his missteps. Victor’s man is intuitive and has an unusual approach; the kind of guy who’ll find the Paragon Project virus. Adam will get to him first. Ian will monitor Victor’s system (as NE’s business soars – a smoke screen) They clink glasses.

Abby’s paid an online search engine for top placement for ‘Chelsea 2.0’ (a fresher name that rhymes with Chelsea by Jabot) Vikki’s not happy either. It’s exciting, Abby gushes – let’s open champagne and toast to these numbers. You are out of your mind, Chelsea snarls.

Seated with Victor, Kevin immediately brings up keeping Jack in the dark. He thought he was preventing a cyber war – not being put in the middle of a Newman/Jabot war. Victor updates that Jack’s got Gabe Bingham investigating for him and you can bet he won’t share intel with ME.

Phyllis reminds Jack that he put Ashley in charge. Jack must keep an eye on Victor. But Phyllis wants both eyes – and both hands ~kiss~ They end up horizontal on the trusty sofa again.

At GCM, Sharon’s doctor informs that she’s not pregnant – give it time. I don’t have time, Sharon cries. I need to be pregnant – NOW. It might be time to get some help. No, not with fertility, with her mental state. Sit tight. But as the doctor goes to fetch the psychiatrist, Sharon bolts.

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