Thursday, October 15th

Neil balks – once we put Hilary’s life in your hands we have no say? He’s reluctant to trust Dr Nevell or his treatment plan. Gwen sure is though.

At CL’s, Dylan updates Devon and the Ashby’s; the first note had too many fingerprints – the second one; only Devon’s prints, the front desk clerk – and Cane’s.

Luca still wants to know why Marisa left him. Noah doesn’t know the real reason does he? You were pregnant with my child! How did you…?? Marisa’s stunned. Luca grabs her – you gave our baby away. OMG – you found her – tell me where she is! Marisa demands. Luca will – when she comes back to him.

At Fairview, Dr Anderson tells Noah that Sharon doesn’t want to see anyone. No offense, but Noah’s not going anywhere until his Mom tells him herself. Hearing Noah’s voice, Sharon slowly ambles out of bed.

Of course Cane’s prints are on the kidnapper’s note – he opened it. Nobody’s accusing you of anything, Dylan says. Sure sounds like it to Cane. This kidnapper has us all going a bit crazy, Dylan thinks this guy’s smart – he stole meds, found the tracker – why didn’t he take the money and run?? Dylan now thinks Cane’s right – there’s more than one kidnapper.

Conventional wisdom says Hilary needs to be at GCM asap – but Dr Nevell’s not a conventional guy (and GCM is full of morons) His methods are far superior. Gwen and Neil whisper – Dr Ego is using Hilary to prove something. Do we do this or not? Yes Neil decides – let’s do this.

Luca DOES know where OUR daughter is – you chose Annicelli over your own child. Marisa wanted her daughter to be raised in a good home. Yeah, but Marco sold her to the highest bidder – she’s miserable. Look at the sadness in her eyes. Marisa snatches the photo – oh my baby! she cries. You can change things for that sweet girl – the three of us can be a family, Luca declares his love – OR – does Noah mean more to you than your own daughter?

Dr A shows Noah the form his Mom signed it right in front of her. Noah concedes – tell her I was here (he’ll be back tomorrow) Dr Anderson joins Sharon in her room – Yes, Noah was here, but you signed a form saying you didn’t want visitors – don’t you remember? No – Sharon doesn’t – what’s wrong with me???

Sharon doesn’t understand why she’d cut herself off from her family. You thought it would interfere with your progress (while adjusting to the new meds) – you said I was the only person you needed to see. Sharon hesitatingly agrees – then thanks Dr A for taking such good care of her and her baby. She’ll do whatever Dr A tells her to for the sake of her baby.

Marisa did what she was thought was best for her daughter. No, you got rid of her for Annacelli – now you have the same choice – her or a man. Luca challenges – what’s it going to be? Noah or your little girl? You can’t have both. Bring her back to me, Marisa promises to give her a good home. No – she’ll take her rightful place in the Santori family. OK, Marisa will live with Luca for one month. Sure he only needs one night to win Marisa back, Luca forces a kiss on her. It’s a deal.

More than one kidnapper? Yes, Dylan believes someone’s holding Hilary, and someone else took the money. Devon’s annoyed – so the money hasn’t brought us any closer to Hilary. Cane suggests they all go home and ‘recharge’. Devon declines Lily’s invitation to come to their place and see the twins. After the Ashby’s leave, Noah arrives to ask Dylan how Sharon was earlier (not herself at all) and update the no visitors order. Who signed off on that!? Dylan’s surprised. Mom did.

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