Tuesday, February 9th

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Victor abruptly ends his phone call (with Natalie) by snapping – I want proof of your supposed brilliance – got it!? Summer arrives to admire Victor’s new super duper computer system – think I can get one of these for my new office? Your WHAT? Victor’s baffled.

Out to dinner with Phyllis, Vikki and Billy, Jack refuses to talk business – there’s no reason to plunge right into work. Except I already have, Billy announces.

In the lab, Neville startles a distracted Ms Abbott – you should be home resting. Ashley refuses – you’re not the boss of me – just because I impulsively kissed you one time. She just needs to get through the day so Abby doesn’t realize ….. On cue, Abby reports for ‘life saving’ duty. So – where do we start?

Outside the lab, Devon and Hilary collide, then crouch to pick up scattered paperwork. She doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers and gripes that Neil’s not there to do his job. Voila! Neil appears to list the duties of HIS job – YOUR job is to be Neville’s pin cushion; nothing more. Remember that young lady, Neil glares at Hilary.

Neil comments that Lily and Cane are reconnecting – so are Devon and Hilary – everything is as it should be. Neil just wants to be trusted to run this company. Well that was intense, Devon can tell that Neil still loves Hilary. Maybe we should tell him there is no happy ending. Hilary’s still hoping for one.

Neil wonders why Abby’s working in the lab – we’re not selling lipstick here. Hilary and Devon plod in. Am I the only one excited about this? Abby even notices her Mom’s ‘barely there’. I’m fine – let’s do some work. Abby follows Neville and Ashley into her office – demanding to know what’s going on.

Max is his usual sunny self at CL’s. Did SHE call? No – and she has a name; Abby, Ben informs that she’s busy. And you’re stuck with me? You wish I was gone, Max pouts. No, Ben’s sorry his Mom’s gone but values this time with his son. Wouldn’t you like your own room? Home cooked meals? We need to get settled – all three of us – as a family. Ben needs to go take care of something. Max bets his babysitter is big, old and ugly – just like this city.

Don’t touch that – that being the computer that houses the future of this company. Victor’s then annoyed to hear that Summer talked to Luca about her working at NE. Do not talk to that menace. Natalie arrives to drool over the computer. Exchanging a few words with Natalie, Summer leaves Victor to browbeat her over this fancy program she hasn’t produced yet.

Back at the club, Jack tells Billy to focus on Vikki and the kids. And when Phyllis mentions the Internet project, Vikki sees no need to avoid the topic – Billy’s over it. Furthest thing from my mind, he concurs. But when a text from ‘the devil’ summons Vikki away, Billy admits – damn right he wants in on this Internet project.

That lady in there (Ashley) lives and breathes the work she’s doing (unlike you two) Neil snarls. Devon brought Neil in to act professionally. You talk about being professional when sleeping with one of your employees!? I’m his wife, Hilary reminds – we’re not breaking any rules. They then butt heads over having a ‘moral compass’. You left me tied up for weeks in a boathouse – letting everyone think I was dead! I saved your life – where’s the gratitude?! Devon tells Neil to go home. We’ll all start fresh tomorrow. To hell with tomorrow – to hell with both of you (Neil leaves)

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