Tuesday, April 5th

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At the club, Hilary whines about not being accepted on the foundation’s board of directors. I asked Neil to turn you down, Devon drops the bomb.

In the lab, Abby lashes out at Ben – she’s upset that her Dad was almost killed – and that no on in her family told her (Ben’s friend called from GCM) She then answers a call from a Dr Morse (for Ashley). He’s a radiologist, Ben wonders if Ashley’s sick. I was – but I’m better now, she arrives with Neville.

At GCM, Sharon relays Dr Stevens asking to hold Sully (which unsettled her – and now Dylan)

At CL’s, Nick and Sage are counting their blessings ~kiss~ Chelsea comes by to assume Sage wants more time off to be with the baby. No, Sage is available for work – how about today?

Paul finds Nikki drinking sparkling water at the club. Worried about Victor’s safety, she must help her husband (even if he wants nothing to do with me)

Adam’s been summoned to Victor’s room. This has nothing to do with running NE – this is personal.

Sharon tells Dylan that Sully’s fever was caused by teething. Nurse Stevens really seemed interested in seeing Sully again. Dylan sees no reason she’d be hiding anything. Both decide to forget these nightmares (though Sharon looks worried as she hugs Dylan)

I’m proud of you, Nick gives Sage a kiss goodbye – then is left to pout when she leaves with Chelsea.

Back at the club, Devon’s problem is WHY Hilary wants to be on the board – it has nothing to do with Jack and Neil’s cause – you want power and status. What’s wrong with that? Hilary’s ambitious – so what? With a kiss, she assumes Devon will make the call. Nope – he doesn’t like what this is doing to Hilary. She doesn’t like being judged and controlled – conversation over! she marches off to do some ‘work’.

Ashley’s better – thanks to Neville (who confirms that she’s recovering) Ben at her side, Abby’s miffed that Ashley didn’t confide in her. Neville takes blame for Ashley not telling anyone. When were you diagnosed? After the aneurysm surgery, they found a brain tumour. My Mother lied to me for almost a year, Abby’s pissed.

Yes, Ben understands – but I wish you confided in me…us. Neville thinks they should be proud of Ashley’s fight. Arriving with Hilary, Devon’s surprised to hear that Ashley was sick – and immediately guesses that Hilary used that to get Ashley to step down. Busted.

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