Wednesday, April 6th

Chatting outside Victor’s hospital room, Nick assumes Adam’s been asked to run the company. Here’s your chance. You’ve got it all wrong, Adam replies.

The knife barely missed your heart, the doctor thinks Victor lucky – but his day’s about to get worse. You’re sending me back to that hell hole, Victor guesses correctly.

At the club, Dylan updates Vikki. She hadn’t even heard Victor was at Memorial and blames herself for him being stabbed. Have him moved to another prison! You can’t or you won’t!?

At the penthouse, Sharon’s glad Sully brings Sage some small comfort. Chelsea suggests Sage take a break – give Sully back to his Mom. Sage seems to be in a trance.

Victor’s in a wheelchair and ready for transport. Nick knows why his Dad summoned Adam (who’s beside him) Do you now, Victor doesn’t have much to say to Nick.

Nick thinks he’s got it all figured out – Adam’s playing the good little soldier. He won’t let Vikki be shoved aside so Adam can run NE. Victor appreciates Adam not divulging their conversation. I knew I called the right guy. Victor’s cuffed and wheeled off.

Back at the club, Vikki rants and raves about Dylan being unwilling to help Victor. After she apologizes, Dylan understands she’s having a rough time but imagine what it’s like for our Mother. He’d relieve her stress if he could. But Dylan can’t help – and Victor’s not cooperating, which would just put a bigger target on his back. Vikki doesn’t want her Dad to die. Please do something. How would Sully feel if he was losing you???

Sharon doesn’t mind Sage holding Sully. Sage wasn’t prepared when Shawn took off with the baby. And Shawn wasn’t prepared for how she’d feel after having him. As Adam comes home, Sharon wheels Sully out. Updated that the adoption isn’t happening, Adam gives Sage a hug (which makes Chelsea look uncomfortable)

At the office, Nick informs Vikki that Adam and Dad are up to something – watch your back. Adam might make a play for the company. Vikki’s thrilled that Nick’s going to help her but won’t he be busy with the baby? No – the adoption’s not happening.

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