Friday, April 8th

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At the club’s bar, Jack’s not happy when Mike hands him a subpoena – you working with Vikki is retaliation. No, Mike thinks Vikki has a good case – he’s trying to right a wrong. We both know who started this. Regards to your wife, Mike hisses as Jack exits.

Across the room, Lauren’s admiring a distracted Chelsea’s latest collection. No, Chelsea doesn’t hold anything against Mike – she was relieved when Victor was sent to prison. Was? Yes, we’re all still feeling his reach, Chelsea pouts.

Sage is at the penthouse looking for Chelsea – but instead chats with a concerned Adam. It’s hard, Sage isn’t sure the hole in her heart will even mend.

Dylan needs to meet Adam at CL’s – and suspects Sharon wants to come along because she’s worried about nightmares. Something’s troubling you about the night Sully was born, he suspects.

At the office, Nick, Vikki and especially Nikki worry about Victor being in danger.

Ian tells Victor that he needs to get his strength back up. I’m as strong as ever, Victor growls – proving it by grabbing Ian across the table.

Sully’s happy and healthy, but the dreams continue to trouble Sharon. Dylan’s had his share of night terrors – he gets it. Sharon really wants to move past this and enjoy Sully. Dylan kisses Sharon – for giving him everything he ever wanted.

Sage isn’t ready to try adoption again – what if I’m never ready? Nick has children of his own. Adam doesn’t think that petty at all. Nick’s grieving too. Sage wonders why Adam always understands. I just do (he flashes back to tearfully confiding to Chelsea that Christian was his) You’re always there for me when you don’t have to be, Sage is grateful.

Chelsea complains that Victor’s still pulling Adam’s strings. Having had in law issues of her own, Lauren suggests Chelsea give Adam a break. Victor will always be part of Adam’s life.

Ian insists he’s on Victor’s side. You’re still under the weather, he leaves as the warden arrives to ask Victor who attacked him. Victor appreciates the offer of protection but has nothing to say.

Nikki’s terrified of what can happen to Victor in prison – it’s my fault he’s in there. Nick and Vikki feel guilty too – but we always come back to each other; we’re family. After Nikki leaves for a massage, Vikki confides to Nick that there’s reason to worry – it’s worse than you think.

Lauren joins Mike at the bar. Yes, he’s had an exhausting day. Jack made him feel like a traitor for siding with the Newmans against the Abbotts. He’s working against his friends and now Kevin’s involved. You’ll always have me in your corner, Lauren purrs ~kiss~

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