Tuesday, April 12th

In the infirmary, Victor dreams of marrying Nikki so long ago.

Nikki! Nikki! Jack awakens her from the same dream – and is frustrated to see she drank after he left. What the hell happened? Nikki remembered that today’s her anniversary.

At CL’s, Ester, Max and Abby act like they’ve never seen a kid eat breakfast before. Maxi is off school – Ben leaves for work – and Abby has something way cooler planned than hanging at the lab. On cue, Lily arrives with Charlie. Oh joy – a playdate.

In the lab, Ashley and Neville thank each other for the flowers. Comparing notes, they quickly realize Abby’s behind them.

Devon’s got plans to take Hilary to a Brewers game. Sweet, but Hilary doesn’t want to leave her desk (lest Ashley take it). And she can’t change the world from the third base line – Hilary needs a seat on the foundation board. Listing all that’s kept them apart, Devon doesn’t want to waste their time together (and is rewarded with a kiss)

Amused, Neville sees no need for Ashley to apologize. Did Abby think we’d walk off into the sunset? We’re colleagues, both agree. But leaving, it’s apparent that Neville’s disappointed by Ashley’s reaction. Ashley interrupts the kiss (assuming she’d have her desk back by now) Hilary brings up Ashley sleeping at her desk and asks the man writing the checks to tell Ashley that it’s Hilary he wants behind this desk. Uh no – the man writing the checks is giving Ashley back her title and her office.

Charlie has a new game, Lily chirps. Fine, Max mopes onto the patio. Abby apologizes to Lily – it’s not Charlie, Max hates me (but loves Ashley) Maybe I’m not Mother maternal (the Newman side makes her wonder)

The doctor tells Victor that his stitches reopened. You’re a lucky man. That’s what everyone keeps telling me, Victor chuckles – then downplays the woman whose name he was saying in his sleep. We were close but will never be again.

Nikki groans as she sips coffee. Jack refuses to leave – what were you dreaming about. You don’t want to know, Nikki tells him anyway – her first wedding to Victor, when all was right in the world. And you woke up to my ugly mug, Jack jokes. No, you don’t need to see Victor – he’s your trigger. No – Nikki’s drinking because she betrayed her husband. No – you told the truth. He’s not allowed to have visitors – but won’t Jack call the warden? Please??? No, Jack won’t.

Lily gives Abby a great pep talk and some reassurance. Motherhood is humbling. And as Max is annoying the heck out of ‘Chuck’ on the patio, the fire alarm goes off. Lily and Abby race over – What did you two do? Who pulled that alarm? Max dared me to do it, Charlie fesses up.

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