Thursday, April 14th

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Everything is going to hell, Phyllis whines at Billy’s. I pressured Summer and Jack to lie. He said I sold my daughter’s soul – and he’s not wrong. What have I done? What if I lose them both?

On the patio, Summer’s whining too. I sold out my Mom and my friends (by confessing to Vikki) How do we come back from that? she asks the ever-supportive Luca.

Vikki’s summoned Jack to report that Summer won’t lie again. She’ll testify for Newman in court – unless we come to an agreement, right here, right now.

Surprise! Max shouts when he and Ben arrive at the lab. He has something to say to Abby – I’m sorry.

Neil’s another whiner (telling Lily about Hilary blackmailing Ashley – no way Jack will have her on the board now) Lily’s sad to hear it. No, she’s no fan of Hilary’s, but she loves and supports Devon. Hilary comes down in time to hear Neil vow to put a stop to her manipulations.

Max apologizes for daring Charlie to pull the fire alarm, and being mad at Abby (who apologizes for losing her cool) All is forgiven and they hug it out. Both Max and Abby will try harder. Abby’s persuaded to join the boys for lunch (pleasing Ben immensely)

Did you threaten to banish Summer from the family? Jack scoffs (like Vikki’s never lied to protect HER family) Save the speech. Wait, Vikki cares about her niece. Yeah, you care so much you’re willing to use her, Jack retorts.

Back on the patio, Summer appreciates Luca trying to make her feel better, but SHE chose to lie. Victor will be pleased that you’re being loyal to Newman, Luca reminds. And now he wants to take her somewhere to get her mind off things.

People can only be pushed so far – and Phyllis has pushed too far. What kind of evil person forces her daughter to lie? Billy won’t hear of it. Victor’s the villain here. You deserve to win this fight, he brushes a tear away and caresses her chin.

Neil simmers as Hilary admires photos of the twins on Lily’s phone. Be supportive, Lily whispers in his ear before exiting. Hilary lectures Neil on being civil. And stick around – we have unfinished business.

Max and Ben both react as Abby stumbles entering the club (teetering on high heels as usual) Lily also accepts Max’s apology – of course he can play with Charlie again. After sending Max off to pick out a table, Lily notes that he’s really turned a corner.

Luca and Summer are now in a suite at the club. He talks about his Father and instructs her on channeling her stress into something enjoyable (which he’s happy to demonstrate)

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