Friday, May 6th

Max! Where are you!? Ben blames Dylan for Max escaping out the window – if anything happens to my son …. Dylan put out an alert – we’ll find him. You better, Ben growls.

Still at the lab, Abby wishes she was wrong about Max – but she can’t keep pretending he’s not responsible for her fall and the fire (like everyone else is) It’s not a fact, Ashley worries what the accusations will do to Abby’s marriage. Abby thinks it might be over. When Ben finds out the truth, he’ll still have to choose his son over her. What are you doing here? Neville finds Max lurking outside the lab.

At the club, Lily updates Devon that it appears Max is behind Abby’s fall and the fire after all. How will her and Ben’s marriage survive this? Devon can relate to one spouse not wanting to listen to the other. Hilary appears to boast about what a great job she’s doing – and that Neil agrees. Devon flashes back to Neil telling him that Hilary’s blackmailing him just like she did Ashley.

Neil stops Cane from marching over to Lily’s table – you can’t do this. I’ll tell you everything, but not here, not now. You owe me that much.

Now at the park, Cane can’t wait to hear Neil rationalize kidnapping his son’s wife. Neil admits following Hilary and Devon on their honeymoon – showing Hilary the video tape. She fell. Neil saved her life. You’re a hero!? Cane scoffs. Neil flew Hilary to GC and hid her until she woke up to clear him. YOU hired Neville, Cane realizes. Neil admits he was out of control. But then he wanted Hilary to get better and be with Devon. Oh, so you’re off the hook, Cane’s sarcastic.

Hilary claims that she works well with Neil and Jack – but Neville and Ashley don’t understand anything outside the lab. Lily points out that Ashley’s a businesswoman. Yeah, well she better get used to not being the only powerful woman in the room. Hilary then downplays blackmailing Ashley as a misunderstanding. Devon understands – he knows where my heart is., she smiles at her hubby. Yes, Devon understands more every day.

In the lobby, Dylan tells Ben to stay in case Max comes back to the club. Go – find my kid, Ben sends Dylan off.

Neville knows that Max is at the lab to see Ashley. Yes, but Abby’s in there – she hates me. She doesn’t, Neville promises. Tell me everything and I’ll find a way to fix this.

Ben loves you, Ashley insists to Abby. Yes, but that’s nothing compared to a parents love for their child. When Neville asks to speak to Ashley alone, Abby leaves. Max runs into Ashley’s arms to fret about going to jail and is then coaxed into admitting that he made Abby trip.

Dylan returns to the club to update Ben that Max hasn’t been found. Abby appears – he’s missing? As Dylan confirms that the evidence points to Max, Ben continues to blame his old pal for his ‘helpless little kid’ being out there alone. He then rejects Abby’s offer to help – don’t pretend you care about my son.

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