Monday, May 9th

A grumpy Phyllis has summoned Jack to the park to announce that they can kiss their primo space at Dillman’s department store goodbye – Fiona’s giving it all to Billy. We’ll be lucky to get a dusty shelf next to the janitor’s closet. Billy’s sleeping with Fiona, she’s sure.

At Billy’s place, the flirting is blatant – and a kiss over wine is interrupted by Vikki – sorry we’re early but Johnny wants to see the new playroom, she blathers on. After Fiona discreetly goes to dress, a pissed off Vikki decides to take the kids back home. Do that and Billy will call the cops.

In the outer lab, Neville and Ashley update Dylan – Max confessed to causing Abby’s fall. Even IF that was a ‘prank’, the fire was deliberate, Dylan knows he was destroying evidence.

In the lab’s office, Abby says that running away isn’t the answer. Max figured she’d be glad if they left – you never wanted me around. No, Abby wanted this to work – she wanted them to be a family. Max didn’t mean for Abby to get hurt. But I did – and the baby… Your Father and I can’t ignore that. As Abby looks at him for confirmation, Ben’s silent and looks torn.

What you did was wrong, Abby thinks Max needs help – you set a fire to destroy proof that you caused my fall. The police know what you did. Don’t let them take me! Max pleads with his Dad. Enough, Ben tells Abby – this is something he needs to handle himself.

Next? Dylan will contact Child Services – this is a crime. You better hurry, Abby comes out to say – Max wants to run and Ben’s considering it.

Billy won’t let Vikki deprive him of his court ordered visitation just because he has company. Is that what we’re calling her? Vikki won’t leave the kids until his friend’s gone. You know her name, Billy points out evenly. This is the way you’re going to conduct business at MY company? Trading sleepovers for shelf space? Disgusting! Billy doesn’t have to be celibate. Now dressed (she was in a robe previously) Fiona mentions that the last woman who stopped by (Phyllis) slapped Billy. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, she beams at Vikki. Probably not, Billy frowns.

At the park still, Jack’s more surprised by Fiona’s actions than Billy’s (this is in his ‘wheelhouse’) He’s even more surprised to hear that Phyllis was so disgusted she slapped Billy. You did what!?

Why would Phyllis slap Billy? Because he was smug when she went to defend Jack firing him – and what he’s done to Jack, Vikki, and the kids. And you, Jack adds. Is ONE buyer for ONE store worth it? Jack thinks Phyllis finally understands how far gone Billy is. Feeling stupid for giving Billy the benefit of the doubt, Phyllis gets a hug. Billy’s an addict; no one can stop him from hitting rock bottom, Jack claims.

Stay away from my children and leave this house now, Vikki orders Fiona. Lovely seeing you too – say hello to your Father for me, Fiona tells Billy not to apologize – good luck, she leaves Vikki to say she feels nothing but relief to be rid of Billy. She’ll be back tomorrow to pick up the kids.

Dylan’s sure Stitch will do the right thing. Ashley can’t believe they didn’t see this coming. This must be heart-wrenching for Ben. Abby understands – she dreamt about her baby. Ben couldn’t have imagined this either. She put her parents through a lot. I can help Max, but Ben won’t let me.

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