Tuesday, May 10th

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Victor sees more of Adam now that he’s in prison. Adam’s not buying the whole subdued Victor Newman. Having all this time to scheme makes you more dangerous than ever.

Nick brings Faith home. After she goes up to see Sully, Sharon comments that he’s early. Nick’s struggling – he can’t see Faith, can’t be happy around her right now. And no, spending time with Sully won’t help him get over losing his wife and son.

At the park, Kevin praises Mariah for reaching out to Nick (she can’t blame him for not replying) Natalie appears to snap their photo with a fancy new camera she bought for the safari she’s going on. Kevin’s always wanted to do that! Then come! Leaving in a huff, Mariah hopes Natalie gets a photo of a lion – from the inside.

Jack and Phyllis are at the club. Seems someone stole Jack’s identity. This won’t be good PR for Passkey. Jack’s not sure Jabot can survive this.

Vikki tells Billy to get out of her chair and her office. He wonders why she’s late to work. My social life is none of your business, she snaps. Yes, remember that next time you have a jealous fit at my place, Billy remarks.

Back at Sharon’s, Nick is told that kids are a blessing – they remind you that all is right in the world. Nick really needs Sharon’s help right now – take Faith. I have to tell you something, Sharon’s interrupted by a knock at the door. Mariah arrives to offer condolences and agree with Nick (who Sharon’s again trying to push on Nick) After he leaves, Mariah calls Sharon on her odd behavior – why are you pushing him to see Sully?

Worried about losing money and the cost of litigation, Jack orders Phyllis to get their computer prodigy working on fixing Passkey. He’ll try undo the damage Billy did with Fiona.

Vikki was just concerned about the kids. Good, cause Billy’s there to update her on the kids she’s so concerned about. After a full report, Billy informs that because of Vikki’s fit, Fiona refuses to do business with Brash n Sassy. Vikki’s happy about that. Billy’s not giving up.

Back at the prison, Adam put all the pieces together at Sage’s memorial. He knows her Father is head of the judicial board; in charge of pardons and reducing sentences. Dr Gates is your get out of jail free card. I’ll be damned, Victor chortles – almost as if it’s fated.

Jack seats Fiona at the club. He’s sorry Billy dragged into their family feud. Don’t cut Jabot loose – reconsider; I’ll make it worth your while. Fiona’s listening.

Billy accuses Vikki of deliberately sabotaging things with Fiona. No, that’s YOUR game. Did you EVER believe in me? Billy wonders. Yes, Vikki did, but trusting him was a mistake. Nick walks in – drop the act. We all know you belong together. Stop wasting time.

Sharon just thought Nick would enjoy spending time with the adorable Sully. Don’t push him – he’s a grown man. Sharon’s worries that grief will change Nick into a different person. It still feels off to Mariah. Sharon changes the subject – what’s going on with Kevin? Kevin who?

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