Wednesday, May 11th

Jack approaches Billy and Phyllis in the park. What’s going on? Nothing. It didn’t look like nothing to me.

Kevin chases after Mariah – you’re not thinking this through – where will you go? Mariah’s done – she’ll go where people know what matters, and what doesn’t.

Sharon watches as Dylan gushes over the son he’s so proud of. Maybe you’ll wear a badge one day. What’s wrong? he asks Sharon.

At the club, Neil asks Lily how she is. My Father’s a kidnapper and a liar. How do you THINK I am!?

Neville’s worrying about Lily being a wild card – she could go to the police. No way in hell Hillary will let that happen. Ashley enters the lab – what’s going on? Hilary’s so sorry about what’s going on with Abby, Ben and Max – my heart goes out to all of you.

In Ben’s suite, Abby asks if he’s OK. My son’s being evaluated by a psychiatrist – no, I’m not OK. You blame me, Abby guesses. Max needs help. Please tell me you understand and can forgive me.

There’s nothing to forgive, Ben realizes that Max needs help. I’m a failure as a Father. Abby’s supportive – let’s do this together. Ben thinks that might make things harder for Max.

Paul introduces himself to Max at GCM – Dylan’s my son. He took me away from my Dad, Max pouts. You’re not being punished, Paul asks Max to share his feelings with Dr Rosen. Max is sorry – I want to go home. Paul says he must be honest. The truth is always better.

Sully in her lap, Sharon’s fine, she doesn’t want to take these moments for granted. They then discuss Max – he may have to go away to get help. If anyone took our son… Dylan ponders (then leaves when Mariah arrives) That man was born to be a Dad – good call getting pregnant again after the miscarriage. Why do you keep throwing that in my face? Sharon wonders.

Kevin returns to Natalie’s table at the cafe. Mariah’s bitter – her free ride’s over, she says. Kevin worries Mariah may be right – has the money changed us? She’s been an awesome friend. I can be an awesome friend too, Natalie gives him another kiss.

Also at the park, Phyllis tells Jack that he asked Billy to talk to Natalie. Managing to bring Fiona’s name up, Billy claims Jack doesn’t want his help. Serve your Father’s legacy, Phyllis tries again. Billy says there’s only one person who can get him to say yes.

Ashley’s surprised that Hilary’s concerned about Max (not herself for a change) Hilary does care about that little boy. He might need a lot of therapy. A lot of people do, Ashley takes a jab. Abby marches in to say she’s fine – how’s the drug trial going? Should I handle it myself? After Ashley takes Abby into the office, Neville compliments Hilary on her ability to lie. As for Lily, will she go public to embarrass Hilary? Even if it sends her Father to prison?

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