Thursday, May 12th

Why bother to go upstairs for sex, when you can have sex ON the stairs? Billy and Phyllis shed clothes.

Soaked from the water Lily threw at her, Hilary doesn’t know what’s set her off this time. If you don’t, you’re an idiot (as well as a scheming soulless bitch!) Jack’s stunned speechless.

At the park cafe, Adam spies on a weepy Meredith Gates and her Father. A friend encouraged her to reach out. He reminded me of the importance of family. Hugging her Dad, Meredith leaves. Adam pops out to ask if Judge Gates has a minute.

Victor’s surprised to get a visit from Chelsea (who’s there to announce that his plan won’t work) Adam and I will ensure you serve the full ten years.

Adam reminds Judge Gates that they met at a benefit. If this is about your Father …. No no, the last thing Adam wants is his Father released from Walworth. I wish I could say the same thing for your daughter.

Chelsea tells Victor that his incarceration has put the whole family on the same page. Vikki’s doing an amazing job running NE – allowing me full autonomy with Chelsea 2.0. What will you do when it all falls apart and I’m not there to protect you? You’ll all soon realize how vital my protection was, Victor warns.

Cane comes through the revolving door – what’s going on? Your wife just snapped, Hilary answers. As Jack referees, Lily and Hilary both want the other to leave. Jack takes Hilary upstairs to get her report. That leaves Cane to scold Lily (but chuckles about her throwing a drink in Hilary’s face) When Devon arrives, Lily asks how he feels about his decision to keep this secret – if it were me, I’d regret it.

Phyllis ends the make out session on the stairs. Billy follows to kiss any hesitation or guilt she’s feeling away.

Right there in Billy’s living room, he makes love to his equally passionate sister in law.

In Hilary’s suite, Jack doesn’t have questions about the report – but rather, why is Lily so irate? She hates me for coming between her Father and her brother. Hilary wonders if the effects of an affair ever go away (which strikes a nerve with Jack)

No, Lily doesn’t understand why Devon let Neil get away with it (or Hilary) Devon didn’t make the decision lightly – he was close to making Neil pay – but I couldn’t live with it. Yes, Neil put me through hell, but I put HIM through hell too – pushed him past the breaking point. Devon can live with his decision.

Back at the park, Adam tries to convince Judge Gates that Victor’s using Meredith in hopes of getting in with the Judge who can overturn his sentence. He’s a master manipulator. Victor orchestrated this meeting. Judge Gates resents the implication that he’s so easily swayed. Victor’s using your daughter as a pawn, Sir.

Chelsea likens Victor to a magician; making things vanish from prison (Adam’s job, Vikki’s company) Victor lost everything he cares about – and who are YOU to come here and lecture me!? Victor learned a valuable lesson about trust – and so will ‘they’ (those who betrayed him)

Hilary is so embarrassed. No worries – Jack’s a friend, and he has nowhere else to be. Hilary never meant to hurt Neil. She was content. But with Devon, it was… incredible. The guilt was incredible too. Did you try to stay apart? Jack wonders. Yes, but our connection was too strong, we always found our way back to one another. Found your way or MADE your way? Jack looks sad (clearly thinking of his own situation)

Clothes strewn around, Phyllis and Billy cuddle beneath a blanket on the living room floor. Billy wants the moment to last – oh how long he’s wanted this; fantasized about this. Wondering what it’d be like. I can’t do this, Phyllis runs upstairs with her clothes.

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