Friday, May 13th

As a bare-chested Billy flashes back to sex with Phyllis, Vikki arrives. Johnny bursts in – he’s so excited about his sleepover.

At the club, Jack asks point blank – do you have feelings for my brother? Phyllis babbles about business. But that’s not what Jack’s talking about – are you drawn to my brother? Yes. OK. I am, Phyllis admits.

Chelsea and Adam (at the penthouse) discuss Victor. Chelsea worries he targets my company? Don’t give him that power, Adam won’t let Victor win.

Victor thinks there’s been a misunderstanding – go talk to Meredith. Don’t mention my daughter again – Judge Gates will ensure that Victor serves every minute of his ten years. If you believe in justice, give me a chance to defend myself, Victor demands.

At the club’s bar, Nikki eyes the bottles. Dr Gates joins her to express condolences. She was at Sage’s memorial. I work at Walworth. Ah yes – the new woman in my husband’s life, Nikki pastes a smile on.

Phyllis feels ‘sympathy’ for Billy. To ‘be honest’ maybe Billy’s only happy when he’s unhappy. Jack takes her hand – thank you for being honest – and being there for Billy. Maybe we can work together to make sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes again. Phyllis would rather focus on the love of her life – Jack.

You’re shirtless, Vikki notes. And alone, Billy puts his shirt on. Katie’s with Hannah – Vikki’s off to get some work done. At the door she pauses (Billy has a moment to think too)

Is it common for prison doctors to do this sort of thing? No, but Dr Gates was returning a favour (helping her reconcile with her Father) She’s not naive – but maybe the Newman family can have a second chance too. Dr Gates will do whatever she can to get Victor released early. He’s a good man. Yeah, easy to say when you’re not married to him, Nikki sniffs.

As Judge Gates is about to leave, Victor mentions his son. Dr Gates sees right through Victor. He knows guilt from innocence – and you Sir are guilty as sin.

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