Thursday, June 2nd

My daughter Riley recapped today’s show because I’m on a road trip to Niagara Falls 🙂

The show begins in Victor’s patient room where he has his back to the door. When it opens he is expecting it to be Dr. Gates. Instead it is Dr. Thaxture.

Ian enters the interrogation room and praises the brightness of the room and describes how he has become accustomed to the loneliness of solitary confinement.

Paul and Michael discuss the estate of Constance Bingham. Note that Nick Newman is the executor of her estate.

Chelsea reassures Adam that their plan will work. Sharon knocks at the door and is shocked when Adam answers. Adam abruptly asked Sharon if she thinks that he is a “cold-blooded killer who deserves to be ripped apart from his son.”

Nick shows up at Dylan’s house to return Faith’s headband. Just as he is about to leave, Dylan asks about Adam’s charges and tells Nick that he is the only one who can ensure justice is served.

Adam apologizes to Sharon and Sharon says she does not believe that Adam is a murderer. She also says she understands his position and lends her support. Adam thanks her and leaves.


Dylan suggests a second examination on Constance. Nick is shocked and confused.

Paul tells Michael he went to see Victor. The two debate on whether or not Victor framed Adam. Michael thinks he did, Paul does not.

Victor must come up with excuses as to why he wanted to see Dr Gates (since no one else is aware of their close relationship).

Adam visits Ian.

When Dr. Thaxture leaves to search for Victor’s files, he jumps at the opportunity to use the phone. He leaves a voicemail for Dr.Gates but is interrupted by the return of the doctor.

Chelsea asks Sharon to try and convince Nick to allow a second examination to be held to prove Constance was not poisoned. Sharon declines but out of desperation Chelsea keeps trying.

Dylan thinks someone in the police force tampered with the evidence however he is reluctant to confront Paul with his suspicions.

Adam asks for Ian’s help in guaranteeing that Victor never leaves prison.

After Chelsea’s multiple attempts to try and convince Sharon to talk to Nick, Sharon finally puts her foot down and leaves.

Ian and Adam run through a short game plan on how they’re going to get Victor to confess. For him to cooperate Ian demands that if the plan succeeds Adam must help Ian be released from solitary confinement.

Sharon walks in on Nick and Dylan and overhears them talking about the investigation. Sharon and Dylan both mention talks of a second examination and Sharon brings up being ambushed by Chelsea and Adam. Nick freaks out.

Michael and Paul continue their debate. Paul agrees to look into the bank accounts of anyone who was in direct contact with Constance’s autopsy because Michael believes Victor may have bribed someone into tampering with the results.

Chelsea condemns Adam for asking Ian for help.

While Victor is cleaning, Ian begins talking to him. Victor reminds Ian that he told him to stay the hell away. Ian taunts him.

Sharon defends Nick’s decision not to help Adam.

Nick pays a visit to Adam and Chelsea. Adam is furious over the fact that Nick believes that everything will be done and over with once Adam is in prison. He says that Victor won’t stop until he has taken the rest of his family down with him.

Paul asks for the names of everyone involved in the examination of Constance and Michael thanks him “father to father.”

Sharon tells Dylan she doesn’t want to get sucked up in the Newman drama anymore. Dylan promises to keep her out of it.

Adam tells Nick not to knock on his door when Victor reaches him on his hit list.

Ian asks Victor if he had anything to do with it, and Victor leaves with no reply.