Wednesday, June 8th

Did you follow me here? Vikki asks. Nick’s there (at Hank’s) because Vikki shouldn’t be. You’re crossing the line, she scowls. Who are you? Travis wonders. I’m her brother, who the hell are you? Nick glares menacingly.

On the rooftop deck, Luca’s online looking at a profile of Travis Crawford when Summer calls. She’s not meeting him because her brother needs help organizing his art show. Hurry back, he hangs up to see Phyllis smirking at him. Let me guess who played travel agent, he says.

Mike’s at the penthouse to relay that Ian’s saving his reveal for the courtroom. We were trying to avoid trial, the Newman’s whine. But it’s just insurance, Chelsea is sure Adam will walk away free once they prove Victor paid a lab tech to alter the tissue samples.

Allan Jame’s suite is cordoned off with crime scene tape. Tell me this isn’t happening, Dylan groans in the hallway. He overdosed, Paul informs – whatever Allan knew he took with him. Unless he told somebody why he suddenly had so much money – where’s the girlfriend? Dylan asks.

In the infirmary, Meredith puts her lab coat on as Victor buttons his shirt. I hate this place, he says. You don’t deserve to be here, Meredith knows – your son does. If Victor wasn’t sent to prison, he wouldn’t have met her though. Ian barges in with a guard – I hope we’re not interrupting.

Back at the penthouse, Mike wants to hold off the celebration until Ian testifies. He called in favours to get Ian transferred to a minimum security facility. Adam hoped Ian didn’t survive the fire but yes, give him whatever he wants. Mike thinks that having Ian’s testimony may give Paul and Dylan leverage to make the lab tech talk.

In Allan’s suite, Dylan and Paul ask Denise about the money. He said having rich friends was better than winning the lottery.

What’s your medical problem? Ian has a stomach bug. Mr Newman is taken back to his cell (leaving Dr Gates to wonder why Ian’s really here) He’s there as a good samaritan – you need this information.

As Phyllis takes a seat across from him, Luca declares that Summer won’t be happy when she finds out that her Mom arranged the trip to Georgia. You don’t get the concept of family – but Summer does, Phyllis wants to help Luca move out. Nick may play by the rules – but she doesn’t – ever. Feel afraid? You should be.

Travis is not a stranger – and this isn’t ‘some bar’ – it’s a refuge for Vikki. Travis wants Nick to leave. Vikki will go with him – she won’t have this conversation here. Telling Travis that they’ll finish their dance later, she’s going to talk her brother down.

Summer’s not a child. Well, she’s my child (and Phyllis will protect her) Luca DOES know Summer – and if Phyllis was happy in her own life, she wouldn’t be trying to control Summer’s. Luca knows a lot about Phyllis – maybe there’s something else you’d rather be doing. I won’t be chased off – go spend some time with your husband. As Luca stands, Phyllis asks him to hear her out – it’ll be fun.

At the club, Nick doesn’t know what he’d do if something happened to Vikki. Travis is upfront, not like Billy – he makes me feel safe and isn’t keeping anything from me. You don’t know this guy’s agenda. Vikki knows he’s not after money – the only man in her life with an agenda is their Father.

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