Thursday, June 9th

Packing up at Sharon’s, Paul and Dylan must go to the ‘source’ for info. Now knowing that it’s not Victor after all, they must regroup. Dylan sees only one question that needs to be answered – why was Hilary Hamilton paying this guy off?

On the patio, Ashley rants to Neville. How can Hilary possibly think we can get FDA approval within the next few months – with two patients relapsing? What the hell is she thinking? We must put out another press release. Neville worries about the two patients – and Hilary’s tremors indicate that her life is in danger too.

At the club, Hilary answers Neville’s call. Hearing that he wants to discuss her health, NOT that he’s fixed the drug, Hilary hangs up (briefly noticing that her hand’s trembling)

At the bar, the Ashby’s discuss the poor guy who committed suicide upstairs. It’s the second recent tragedy, Hilary appears to remind them of Abby’s fall down the stairs. A man’s died, show some respect – Cane and Lily say the club’s PR isn’t Hilary’s business. You’re too busy climbing GC’s social ladder to care about the GCAC.

On the rooftop deck, Phyllis is all pissed off about Luca living with Summer – she and Nick have a plan to kill the peacock with kindness. Now it’s on to happy thoughts and an evening with her husband. Nothing can touch us ~kiss~ Getting out of the pool, Billy chides Bethany on laughing too hard (and loud) at his lame jokes. Spotting their ‘audience’, Bethany gives Billy a kiss, then leads him over to say ‘isn’t this super’? Yes, super, Phyllis clearly doesn’t think so.

Hilary and the Ashby’s go back and forth. Of course Hilary cares about the club her husband owns (but only seems concerned about the suicide causing a scandal) Thank God Hilary knows how to manage a crisis – watch this. With Devon out of town, SHE’S in charge (with Devon’s blessing)

Back at Sharon’s, Paul learns that Allan James was also on the drug trial for Ashley and Neville’s research. He’s surprised to hear that Hilary announced the drug will be available again in the fall. She must have paid James to manipulate the tests and cut corners to push the approval through. That sounds like motive to Paul.

Still on the patio, Neville’s frustrated and worried about Hilary (even if she has a ‘challenging personality’) Ashley worries about the face of their drug ending up in the hospital. It’s my treatment, my protocol, my reputation – and therefore Neville’s responsibility to help her (and his other patients) Ashley admires Neville’s conviction. He’s waiting for tests and must come up with something to help Hilary. Ashley will go talk to her – she can’t run from the truth.

Looks like you’re having fun, Phyllis notes. Beats falling off a motorcycle, Bethany continues her performance. Jack notes that she’s no worse for wear. It’s like it never happened, she chirps – then decides they should all have some drinks. Oh, Jack can’t drink. Giving Billy another kiss, Bethany skips off to change. Noting that she’s ‘spirited’, Jack thinks spending the evening together is a great idea (so speeds off to get a table)

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