Thursday, August 11th

Nikki bursts into Sharon’s looking for Dylan. No, he’s not ‘at work’ – you really need to keep better track of your husband.

Well, if it isn’t Dylan McAvoy, Victor says as he and Chloe are interrupted at the park. Everything’s fine – none of your business. We were just arguing. Why don’t you tell him what it’s about? Victor puts Chloe on the spot.

Connor perched on his knee, Adam gives him the letter he was writing to him and Chelsea – promising that he’ll be home for his 4th birthday.

Ending her call with Summer, Phyllis is praised by Jack (who wants to know what she’s REALLY feeling)

Also at Jabot, in their new office, Billy and Vikki joke. You make me laugh more than anyone, Vikki beams.

Phyllis isn’t happy about Summer marrying Luca – but won’t be consumed by anger. Happy, Jack has good news about Billy – he’s working with Vikki downstairs. Come for lunch with us. Next time, Phyllis is left alone to frown.

Vikki’s fine with Billy switching his weekend with the kids. Jack then arrives to welcome Vikki and update that Victor’s still Master of the Universe (meddling in Summer’s wedding plans)

Victor whines that Chloe was disrespectful at the penthouse. I was just defending my friend, she huffs off – leaving Dylan to say that of course Chelsea’s pissed off at Victor; she believes you framed her husband.

Nikki drops the bomb on Sharon (telling her that Paul suspended Dylan for investigating Adam’s case) Sharon denies she’s pushing Dylan to help Adam and scoffs at Nikki defending Victor. Of course Sharon’s taking her meds – YOU’RE the one who needs medication if you believe Victor didn’t frame his son.

Adam calling the visit to an end, Connor’s taken out to the nanny. When Chelsea returns, Adam orders her never to put his son in that position again.

Victor tells Dylan that Chelsea’s accusations are baseless – and that he’s forgiven his children for testifying against him (just like Chloe’s forgiven Adam for ending Delia’s life) Forgiveness lifts a huge burden – Victor hopes Chelsea realizes that.

Chelsea’s taken aback when Adam barks that he doesn’t Conner here – especially on his birthday. Don’t do this, Chelsea implores.

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