Friday, August 12th

At NE, Victor finally convinces Chloe to hand over the journal pages (his money will ensure they don’t take the fall) Adam doesn’t deserve to set foot outside of prison, she sighs. He’s suffered, Victor assures Chloe.

Remaining in his cell, Adam tells the guard that he’s skipping dinner. Meanwhile, napping on the sofa, Chelsea dreams of Adam.

Nikki drops by Vikki’s new office, pleased that she feels back at home in some ways – but guessing that she’s having second thoughts about leaving Newman.

Luca and Summer are in bed – oh how in love they are and eager to get married.

Phyllis is surprised to find Nick in her office – and not happy to hear that he found something, but not what he was looking for.

Vikki’s fulfilled at Brash n Sassy – and nothing is bothering me – Billy and I are fine – we work well together. Nikki’s not convinced. OK – honestly, Vikki wishes it were harder for Dad to let her leave the company.

Adam now dreams that Victor is a guard; oh wait, two guards – who will always find a way to make him miserable.

Chelsea dreams of the time Victor wouldn’t let them leave GC – and awakens crying.

You love playing God – punishing then playing savior. Chloe wants justice for Delia. Adam admitted it – he’s suffered enormously. Not like Delia or I did, Chloe argues. Think of Chelsea and Connor, Victor barks.

Chloe thought Victor wanted to punish Adam as much as she did. Go home and be a good Mother, Victor lectures – make some serious changes if you want your remaining daughter to have a good life.

Neither knowing why Victor makes things so difficult, Nikki things he respected Vikki leaving NE. It wasn’t a betrayal, it was business. He adores you and wants you to flourish. You’ll do incredible things, Nikki brings a smile to her daughter’s face.

Luca and Summer are now dressed and downstairs to decide when and where to get married. Top of the Tower, Luca pushes. And Summer wonders why.

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