Monday, August 15th

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Billy comes home to find that Jill’s redecorated the house she might be throwing him out of.

Starting her shift at the club, Bethany finds a key.

Summer’s pissed to walk into the office and find her Mom and grandpa conspiring. How could you do this to me? I love Luca.

Nick begs Vikki to get Travis back to GC. We can’t let Luca rip Summer’s heart out.

Summer was so happy that her family was supporting her marriage – now she knows better. Phyllis couldn’t prevent the first wedding but can’t let this one happen. Summer must marry a man worthy of her. Summer now turns on Victor. He also wants her to be happy. Your safety and happiness is my priority. Does Summer believe Luca over her own family??

On video chat, Luca claims to be trying to help Travis – I’m doing you a favour. Victor’s ready to kill the saboteur. Forget you ever heard of GC. If Victor finds you, you’ll rot in prison or hell.

Bethany’s key opens a locker at the bus station. She finds a note and money (take the money and leave town) She assumes it’s from Phyllis, takes the bag and leaves.

Jill’s not kicking Billy out but he can leave if he doesn’t feel comfortable. Remember all the good memories we had here. And some tears of sadness. Jill’s heart beats in this house – when Collin gets here, we’ll make more memories. Billy’s a wanderer. Yes, but Jill knows that Vikki is his home.

Nick continues to persuade Vikki – we need Travis to tell Summer who Luca is. Here’s his number. Vikki’s not sure Travis will even take her call. What’s the name of his boat? Blue Eyed Beauty. I need you, Nick must rescue Summer.

Summer believes Luca – he came clean when she confronted him. Her family has lied. You didn’t find any dirt on him, Summer guesses (then lists other weddings they’ve derailed) Angry doesn’t begin to explain how Summer feels. You and Grandpa are so much alike. Victor’s investigating the oil spills, not railroading Luca. I spoke to him yesterday (which is news to Summer)

Agreeing to help Nick, Vikki’s rewarded with a hug. Now alone, she initiates a video chat with Travis. Yes, this is a surprise. I need you, she blurts out.

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