Tuesday, August 16th

At the police station, Kevin watches his laptop – tapped into the bus station locker room – as Bethany opens a locker and pulls a bag out. Paul comes out – what the hell is this?! The case is closed. Kevin argues – this isn’t just about Adam’s innocence, it’s about proving Chloe’s.

Chloe tends to Delia’s roadside memorial. I’m so sorry I failed you, she weeps.

Victor doesn’t know who Bethany is or what she’s talking about. You sent me to this bag of money and a note to leave town – why? Victor suggests Bethany show herself out. The receipt for the locker was signed by a regular at the club who’s always sitting with Victor. Bethany’s not leaving without answers. Close the door, Victor instructs as she’s about to storm out. By you disappearing, my son will get out of prison.

At the office, Billy doesn’t understand why Vikki didn’t go sailing around the world with someone she loves because of him. Travis wanted me to bring the kids, Vikki confides. She knew it would be wrong to even ask. We’re bonded by our kids. You’re stuck with me.

Jack arrives at the club for his dinner date with Phyllis – but she’s way too busy. Do me a favour, Jack interrupts her to-do list – stop lying to me, please.

Jack called Summer (and now knows that Phyllis lied about accepting the wedding) Fine – Phyllis is working with Victor to stop it – and she’s not sorry. Luca is more dangerous that Austin. She’s MY daughter, it’s MY call. You have NO say here. You have no right to talk to me that way about Summer unless you want to rewrite history, Jack retorts.

Billy perches on the desk to agree that the kids bond him to Vikki. She relays seeing how happy Billy was with the kids – she couldn’t take them on a long trip. It would hurt you. So Travis sailed away – how much do you hate me for missing out? Billy wonders.

In the living room, Mariah catches Dylan making a bed on the sofa. Sharon appears to admit that they had a fight. Fix it – you don’t sleep on the couch because of a disagreement unless you’re a loser, Mariah barks.

Paul suspended Dylan for disobeying orders and would be more than happy to do the same with Kevin if need be. The rules apply to everyone. Kevin follows Paul into his office to defend Chloe. This video’s a game changer – please just watch it! This woman who’s not Chloe has a key to the locker Dylan got the anonymous tip about! The bag’s full of money. Her fingerprints are all over the locker. To ignore this is negligent. OK, Paul will send a man over. Dylan’s available, Kevin reminds – then races out as soon as Paul’s in his office.

Your son Adam? He was convicted of murder, Bethany recalls. You’re pinning a murder on me? You won’t go to prison, Victor assures – as long as you do what you’re told. Get the hell out of town and it’ll be fine; everyone wins.

When Mariah sums up the disagreement, Sharon realizes she was wrong – the man she loves wouldn’t drop a case because he’s afraid. Dylan’s sorry he got bent out of shape. As they hug it out, Mariah does a slow clap. Kevin then shows up to say that the mystery woman isn’t Chloe. You thought it was Chloe? OMG – that makes so much sense, Mariah blurts out.

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