Friday, September 2nd

Nick insists Adam’s dead – he saw the explosion with his own eyes. We had a thought out plan, Victor thinks he made it to the plane. The pilot didn’t see him. It’s YOUR fault. Nikki helped every step of the way – if you want to blame your Father, blame me too.

Chelsea sent upstairs, Kevin and Chloe let Paul and Dylan in. No, they haven’t seen Chelsea. Chloe’s the one who tipped them off that she’d disappeared. What about the cabin? Did anyone make it out alive? Chelsea listens.

On the rooftop, Lily’s all stressed because Neil’s not back yet from seeing his Mother. He’s a grown man, Hilary points out. Both kids get a text – visiting my Mother, all good.

Neil returns to his Mother’s bedside. No, he doesn’t regret coming. Today is one of the most important days of his life. He wants to bring the kids and grandkids to visit. It’s a good thing all around. Son, we both know that’s not going to happen, Lucinda says.

Lucinda can feel herself getting weaker – her breathing is slower. It felt like she was waiting for something; yes Neil. She won’t meet the family – tell me about them. Neil does so.

On the rooftop, the Hamilton’s and Ashby’s sit for drinks. Hilary and Lily even sharing some laughs.

If you think your Father capable of murder, I must be too. Of course not, but Dad set this whole thing in motion – it’s on him, Nick repeats. You think I killed my son? Get out now, Victor orders.

Paul and Dylan couldn’t find Adam in the cabin so they’re focusing on the plan that’s taken off. Chelsea appears to say they must find Adam. No, first thing we’re going to do is arrest you, Paul says.

You’re a proven flight risk, Paul scolds Chelsea. Kevin and Chloe aren’t off the hook either. Chelsea says they didn’t know she and Connor snuck back in through the passage. Aside, Dylan defends Chelsea. Paul has another reason to take her to the station (to draw in the mastermind; Victor) You have the right to remain silent, Paul starts talking as the three file out. Kevin makes a call to Mike – Chelsea’s been arrested.

Nick can tell that his sniffling Father isn’t responsible for the explosion – sorry for accusing you of that. Now he needs to go back to Chelsea’s (she wouldn’t leave without Adam) Victor will take care of her and Connor. Nick points out that Adam had specific instructions regarding Connor. Victor hugs Nick – you’re my only son now.

Back on the rooftop, the Hamilton’s and Ashby’s continue to have a surprisingly good time (Lily appreciates Hilary keeping the letters out of the goodness of her teeny tiny heart)

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