Wednesday, October 12th

You recognize me! Paul’s ‘so happy’ – and impressed with Patty’s paintings. She then gives him a present; a painting of dark angry splotches.

‘Stonevale is a secure facility’, a nervous and babbling Mariah is informed by guards as she balks at going through a metal detector.

Love you! Sharon calls out the front door as Dylan leaves – then hurries to fire off a text warning Mariah that Paul’s visiting Patty; get out of there! What’s wrong?

Nick’s appearance startles her.

Her phone setting off the metal detector, Mariah places it in a basket to go through again (as the phone vibrates due to Sharon’s incoming text)

Phyllis sneaks into Jack’s office to snoop on his laptop. Hey – what are you doing here? Where’s Jack? Summer barges in.

In the elevator, Ashley frets over Brash n Sassy grabbing all the headlines. Let’s discuss it in my office, Jack replies with attitude.

Closing Jack’s laptop, Phyllis claims to be dropping off research. She’s about to hustle Summer out when Jack arrives (with Ashley) to also give them a dose of attitude. Now alone with Jack, Ashley continues to whine about Brash n Sassy – but he’s distracted (and pissed) by whatever he sees on his laptop.

Moving on from her paintings, Patty now babbles incoherently. Do you remember why you’re here? Paul knows she has something to tell. As he gently tries to coerce her, an emotional Patty angrily brushes paint onto her canvas.

Attentive bodyguard, maid and overall man-about-the-house Nick offers to light a fire when Sharon suddenly gets cold (a ruse giving her time to leave Mariah a message – get out of there! If Paul sees you it’s over – everyone will find out about Sully!)

Mariah’s phone remains in the basket as she and the guard wonder what’s setting off the sensitive metal detector.

In Phyllis’ closet of an office, Summer wonders why Jack snapped at her. After giving her Mom an elephant statue for her office, Summer reassures that Jack will come around (then leaves for her meeting with Abby) Now alone, Phyllis is on her laptop – which is hacked into Jack’s.

Typing out a memo to the sales department regarding monitoring Newman, Jack basically tells Ashley to shut up so he can finish. In her office, Phyllis reads Jack’s strategy.

Ashley insists that dealing with BnS is more important than Jack’s memo. He agrees on one thing – we can’t ignore BnS and must solidify Jabot’s position. That’s why
Ashley must work with Phyllis (who arrives as summoned by IM) Phyllis’ office is the ‘war room’ – now get to work, he barks.

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