Wednesday, April 5th

Sorry. No time for spellcheck or proofreading today …At the Estate, Ester gushes about how handsome Mike and Kevin look. Family and friends will soon be here to witness all the joy. Ding dong. Gloria arrives to tell Kevin that she left the car running – it’s not too late to make a break for it.

Sitting on Chloe’s bed, Chelsea’s reeling in shock as she clutches Adam’s ring to her chest. Chloe bursts in babbling – he’s here! Who? Chelsea murmurs. Kevin of course. I can’t believe I’m wearing a Chelsea original to marry Kevin – this is what pure joy feels like.

Paul greets Father Todd at CL’s – thanking him for making the trip. Unfortunately, he’ll be in court. Both are happy for Kevin and Chloe – they’re good for each other. Father Todd hopes they’ll be as happy as Paul and his bride.

Gloria tells Mike that she was joking – but she will keep her keys handy. Scolded, she promises to behave. Arriving with Scott, Lauren announces that he has a new project. Gloria hopes it keeps Scott in town permanently.

Nick’s at Sharon’s to say that she was right – my plan backfired and Chloe managed to paint herself as the victim to Chelsea (who told me not to come to the wedding) Right now, Chelsea’s with the woman who killed her husband but refuses to see the evidence that’s right in her face!

Ring still in her hand, Chelsea stands behind Chloe as she admires the ‘perfect’ dress in the mirror. I wanted it to reflect who you are, Chelsea says. What do you think? Chloe turns around.

Phyllis is on the CL’s patio watching a young, happy couple when Ravi joins her to update that it worked – thanks to Phyllis Ashley DID notice him.

After an afternoon at the arcade, the kids are upstairs when Reed walks in on Billy picking confetti out of Vikki’s hair. You guys are so busted, he grins.

Continuing to admire her reflection, Chloe’s so happy to have such a great best friend. Ester brings Bella in. Oh, how beautiful she looks. Ester’s so proud of Chloe (who didn’t do it alone – she had Bella, Kevin, her best friend) She won’t blow it or waste a second of it.

As a nervous Kevin wonders where Father Todd is, Mike again warns not to ruin Kevin’s happiness. Gloria’s sure SHE won’t be the one who does that. Arriving with Devon, Mariah makes a beeline to also warn Gloria ‘no games’. Implying that Mariah’s after Devon’s money, Gloria’s proud of her – and tells Devon that she’s an improvement over Hilary. Father Todd arrives to extend Paul’s apologies – time to get started. Aside, Gloria realizes this farce is actually happening.

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