Thursday, April 6th

Gloria expresses what she ‘knows’ everyone’s thinking – Chloe bolted because she got cold feet. How you dare you?! Ester’s sure there’s a reasonable explanation. Mike changes the subject to Bella – who’s decorating cupcakes with the caterer. For her son’s sake, Gloria couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Aside, Lauren recognizes the ring Mike and Kevin bought at Fenmores. Scott puzzles over a second ring; the one Chloe dropped like it was on fire. Chelsea picked it up and ran after her. Hmmm.

Upstairs, Father Todd and Kevin revive Chelsea – who tells them it was Chloe who hit her over the head with a lamp – because I found out the truth. What the hell’s going on?! Kevin barks.

Nick still at her place, Sharon notes that he now calls Adam his ‘brother’ – he’s gone and you and Chelsea have something special. ‘Had’, Nick corrects – adding that he has evidence of Chloe’s guilt. But you’ve moved it around – didn’t have a warrant for the phone records, Sharon points out – and Chloe’s too smart to confess. You have nothing. Go to the wedding; protect Chelsea and Connor. Be careful, she says as Nick goes.

Rushing out of the bedroom, Chelsea has no time to explain to Father Todd and Kevin – you have to hear it from Chloe (who she’s going to go find) Kevin’s left to find a note addressed to him.

At the ranch, Faith shows Victor and Nikki her homework (counting the different species of trees at Chancellor Park) After she happily skips off, Victor updates Nikki that there’s a problem between Nick and Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Chelsea demands Ester help find her crazy daughter, before she’s gone for good. She hit me over the head and escaped – is THAT enough information!? Father Todd comes down to state the obvious – there won’t be a wedding – Mike should go be with his brother. Mariah recalls Chloe hitting her over the head with a bottle – she’s dangerous.

In tears, Chloe drives through the night – Kevin’s vows echoing in her head.

Mike joins Kevin in Chloe’s room – what happened here? Chloe’s gone, Kevin reads the note; I have to leave. I’m in trouble. Please tell my Mom to take care of Bella. Don’t try to find me etc. etc. You’ll always be the love of my life. Weeping on Mike’s shoulder, Kevin has no idea what’s going on. It’s over.

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