Tuesday, April 11th

Nikki watches Chelsea’s plea to Chloe online. Jack watches in his office, Victor watches then slams his laptop shut – as Chelsea arrives at his office.

At home, Vikki asks Billy to take birthday boy Reed to the DMV for his driver’s license – she has to go be with her Mom. After she leaves, Reed comes down – excited about his driver’s test.

Nick drops by the ranch to chat with his Mom. Victor slept in a guest room and left early. Probably to cover his tracks, Nick guesses – no, he hasn’t told Chelsea (or anyone) that Victor brought Chloe back to town. We can’t let her get away with murder. Nikki thinks that may be their only option.

Phyllis is at Lauren’s to see how her family’s dealing with the Kevin/Chloe debacle. Providing brief updates on Mike and Scott, Lauren would rather hear about what’s going on with Phyllis.

Gloria’s in Jack’s office – knowing he must be very upset (about Adam) Chloe tricked us all. Maybe that’s the only way she could deal with losing Delia. Gloria’s so worried about Kevin – he’s shut down, broken. Jack’s sure he’ll survive it – and has NO sympathy for Victor (learning that his son was murdered)

Victor’s chilled at the thought that Chloe lived under the same roof as Chelsea and Connor. Did she ever mention why she came back to GC? No, and Chelsea’s wracked her brain. I wish she never came back to town. In the background, Victor looks guilty/evil.

Billy gives Reed a gift – a vintage guitar key chain, then updates that Vikki had to step out – she’ll be back for the party. Let’s get to the DMV (but first some parallel parking practice)

When Vikki shows up at the ranch, Nick talks claims Victor should go to prison. In fact, he’s off to talk to Paul right now. No, Nikki stops him – that is NOT what you’re going to do.

Back at Jabot, Jack doesn’t believe Victor loved Adam – his kids are pawns. Abby will soon learn that Victor’s love comes at a high cost. Gloria thinks it sweet when Jack claims that Mike and Kevin are more fond of her than she knows. And Jack can relate to Kevin being duped. He knows all about falling for someone who’s not who you thought they were.

Still at Lauren’s, the subject is Phyllis’ love life (or lack thereof) I don’t need a man to validate me, Phyllis claims to be fine with being single.

Meanwhile, in Victor’s office, Chelsea tears up – If Chloe didn’t come back to GC, I’d have Adam, Connor would have his Dad, you’d have your son. Victor’s team is also looking for Chloe. She scammed all of us, he concludes.

Nikki explains her minor role to the kids – she brought Chelsea an untraceable phone and lied to the police about it. Her blind faith in Victor got her again. He confessed to me that he framed Adam then asked for my help! Nikki’s disgusted that she went along with it. She will never forgive Victor – but sending him to prison (again) will tarnish the Newman name for good. No one must ever know.

At the DMV, Billy’s in the back seat, Reed’s behind the wheel when the no-nonsense instructor gets in to say that Mr Hellstrom might be accustomed to getting his way by batting his eyelashes – but not today. Billy gets out and Reed looks nervous.

Gloria rants n raves to Jack about Chloe – who she just wants to stay lost so that Kevin’s finally free of her.

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