Thursday, April 13th

Billy apologizes to Vikki (who’s more concerned about embarrassing Reed in front if his friends) Why can’t he date Kendall instead of Zoey? No, she doesn’t want to dance – it’ll embarrass Reed too. A courier arrives – there’s a gift for Reed outside. He heads out, Zoey, Kendall, Vikki, Billy and Nikki following.

Scott admits it’s weird that he almost slept with his Mom’s best friend. Kevin has a fun fact – Mike and Phyllis once had a thing. He appreciates the laughs and a break from thinking about Chloe.

Phyllis and Jack may not be married anymore but will always share hatred for Victor. Maybe we should just leave it at making jokes and consider it our win. Scott, Victor’s biographer, said he’s ready to hand the reigns over to Abby and ride off into the sunset. Good for her – Jack’s surprised (and interested in this news)

Victor reassures a crying Faith – we can play chess online. I can help with your homework whenever you like. I love you, grandpa. I love you too. Run along, Victor wipes his tears. Faith outside, Nick asks his Dad to do the right thing for once. Let them go while they still respect you – before they’re disillusioned or worse; follow in your footsteps. One day you’ll look back at this and regret it, Victor’s sure.

Reed’s stunned to find a car with a bow on it parked outside. In the envelope is a note – sorry I couldn’t make it. This’ll make it easier for you to come visit me. Love grandpa. As Reed and Zoey hug, Vikki and Nikki loook pissed. Kendall and Billy aren’t too happy either. At home, Victor sits all alone and depressed.

Next: We should definitely talk, Ashley nods. Maybe tonight, over dinner at the new restaurant here? a bearded stranger invites .. It kills me to do this and I’m really sorry Reed but you can’t keep the car, Vikki says … Go to hell you lying sonofabitch, Nikki snaps at Victor.

My Thoughts: Ok, that’s a very nice guitar. An electric acoustic to my untrained eye. Odd that Reed didn’t need to tune it. And I’m guessing that if you don’t unplug an electric guitar or turn off the amplifier, you’re gonna hear some horrible squealing if you lean the guitar against the amplifier …. ‘I’m her Mother. I wouldn’t do anything unhealthy for her’, Sharon says with a straight face. I don’t have the time or energy to list everything Sharon’s done that’s been detrimental to her daughter’s health. Prolonged, repeated absences while being presumed dead come to mind – and using Faith’s name to fake a passport so she could flee justice isn’t exactly Mother of the Year material either… There could be drunk drivers on the road after the concert, Vikki tells Reed. Oh, like Phyllis? Who staggered out of the Baldwin apartment but sobered up on the drive over to CL’s? Scott didn’t even bother to ask if she was driving or cabbing. I guess he never saw that ‘friends don’t let friends drink and drive’ commercial … What exactly did Nick ‘promise’ Faith? He didn’t promise that Faith could live with her grandparents forever … Hey Nikki, maybe ‘the world’ doesn’t give a rats ass what’s going on with you and Victor behind closed doors. Why on earth would either voluntarily torture themselves? No one would care if they separated/divorced for the umpteenth time. And it certainly wouldn’t be a scandal that would jeopardize Brash n Sassy’s deal with Mr Sato or the hockey league.

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