Friday, April 14th

Sorry. No time to proofread etc. Happy Easter. Outside Underground, all admire Reed’s ‘sweet ride’ – except Nikki and Vikki (who denies she knew Victor was buying it) Zoey wraps her arms around Reed – now we can go to the concert – your Mom can’t tell you what to do with your own car. Kendall makes a sour face – Reed hugs his Grandma – it’s from you too right? No, it’s all your Grandpa. As Reed hugs Zoey some more, Billy takes note as Vikki and her Mom huff off.

Abby drops by the ranch as summoned by Victor. No, she missed Reed getting his car but is sure it made a splash. Abby assumes she’s there to talk about Chloe murdering Adam. No – Victor has a request he hopes Abby won’t decline.

Juliet’s called Jordan and Lily to BnS to discuss the need to speed up the men’s line – hockey season is wrapping up. Lily and Jordan and excited to be going to Philadelphia, Boston etc. Arriving, Cane’s not as excited about the trip – especially when Lily announces she’s leaving tonight.

In New York, Ravi and Ashley are patting themselves on the back for their terrific presentation at the conference. Ashley’s further delighted when a well-researched Ravi gushes about Jabot being number one. And look, our presentation is already trending. When Ashley suggests they get some food and drink to celebrate, Ravi has a better idea….

Ravi wants to take Ashley to a place in Chinatown he’s familiar with. Let’s go, Ashley agrees. As they’re about to leave, Benjamin Huffman appears – it’s been way too long. You were sensational today. Ashley introduces Jabot’s ‘phenom’, Ravi. Benjamin looks forward to catching up – at dinner tonight right here. When he goes to change, Ashley apologizes and goes to freshen up herself. Poor Ravi’s left alone to sigh.

Juliet announces that Lily will be dropping pucks at a few games – Jordan will be putting it on the screen. No, this isn’t Billy’s idea, it’s Juliet’s (Cane frowns some more)

This is like a space capsule – I could live in here, Reed loves his car and his Grandpa. The girls in the back, Billy’s in the passenger seat warning Reed to respect the car’s power. Reed will be cautious to ease his Mom’s mind. I get to drive this car to school 5 days a week, he makes the girls squeal with delight.

Inside, Vikki gripes to Vikki as she drinks a beer. Nikki’s equally pissed by Victor’s disrespectful, manipulative power play. Yup, he got Vikki this time – she’s screwed no matter what she does.

Back at the ranch, Victor expresses how proud he is of Abby’s business acumen; so much better than his other stinky kids. Abby expresses her ambition; she wants to climb higher up the ladder. Great – Victor’s ready to shove her up a few rungs.

Now seated at a cozy table for two, Benjamin tells Ashley that he was in GC recently to see Lauren – he was going to invest in Fenmores but a feisty socialite went on a rant about the store in the sauna and he got spooked. Yes, Ashley knows Gloria. Your loss was our gain. With Jabot and Fenmores on a hot streak, Benjamin finds the idea of co-mingling their assets alluring. Getting another call, Benjamin asks Ashley to order his dinner – you’re a doll, he says as he strides off already talking on the phone. When the waiter arrives, Ashley tells him to pour more wine – more – more. Across the room, Ravi makes a call – I’m in town, you free right now?

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