Wednesday, June 7th

Now evening, Jordan joins Hilary at the club’s bar. Knowing all about Juliet suing BnS (specifically Cane) for sexual harassment he’s not buying it (he was there after all) Fired justifiably for a costly mistake, Jordan thinks Juliet got some bad advice from someone she thinks is in her corner (and knows that someone is Hilary)

Lily’s stunned – Juliet was hired because of Cane (who agrees – it’s a frivolous suit, she just wants more money) Your name could be dragged through the mud, Lily then worries. No, Cane’s sure Vikki will settle this before it gets to court.

In Vikki’s office, Mike notes that Juliet’s case is well documented. It’s still a lie no, Vikki won’t settle to make this go away. Absolutely not.

At another packed open mic night, Mariah’s stunned when Noah tells her that Tessa might not take Devon’s deal to represent her. Why not? Is she insecure? On cue, Tessa walks in the door.

Jack’s at home, flashing back to looking up adoringly at his much younger Mon singing ‘To The Moon And Back’ to him. Ashley returns from a business trip – but she’d rather talk about Graham; something’s not sitting right about him.

Cane assures Lily that there’s no validity to Juliet’s claims. He has no idea why Vikki asked if there was. She’ll pay Juliet off. That’s extortion, Lily’s not sure she will. Cane’s not worried about public opinion. He’s sorry but we have to deal with this. Lily has to ask if Juliet could have misunderstood anything that happened in Tokyo.

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Back at the club, Hilary’s sure that her ratings will go through the roof when this story breaks. Why would Jordan be so quick not to believe Juliet? Cane’s a devoted family man, married the ‘top notch’ and incredibly beautiful Lily. No, he’s not saying that Juliet’s not hot enough. The timing’s also suspect. Hilary’s sorry he feels that way – the truth will come out – it always does.

Graham brings flowers to Dina’s suite – to apologize for their misunderstanding the other day. He overreacted by grabbing her arm (which Ashley also saw) Now that the children who’ve shown no interest in her previously are back in her life, Graham feels protective of Dina (who forgives him)

Ashley relays walking through the ajar door to Dina’s room to catch Graham holding their Mother’s wrist. He claims she misread the situation but Ashley suspects he’s trying to get her to go back to Paris. Something’s off. Jack thinks it time they find out.

Mariah wastes no time asking Tessa if she’s excited about Devon’s offer. No, it’s not her doing – he thinks you have talent. But don’t ask me – ask him yourself. Ask me what? Devon joins them.

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