Tuesday, June 13th

Scott’s surprised when Abby turns around in her Dad’s chair. Given a list of companies to research, he surprises her in return – he won’t be available to help with her little projects.

Vikki gives Neil a hug when he drops by BnS. Yes, he heard about the suit against Cane and wants to know where it stands (for Lily’s sake) Mike’s cautiously optimistic, Vikki updates. Neil worries his family will be torn to pieces.

At home, Maddie can tell that something’s wrong with her Dad. And don’t change the subject to her night out at Underground. Is everything OK with you and Mom? You know you can tell me anything, right??

Hilary jumps up to ask Juliet why she’s back at the club. Hearing that she might settle, there’s no way Hilary will ‘let’ that happen.

Back in the Judge’s chambers, Leslie’s makes her client’s case – sure Juliet she was a contractor but she was responsible for saving a deal Mr Ashby botched. He then manipulated this respected businesswoman into having sex for the recommendation for a job. Mike’s interruption is shut down (much to Leslie’s delight)

No, Scott’s not quitting or being childish and he wasn’t fired. Abby thinks him better off flitting around the globe and blogging. Oh, Daddy didn’t mention my promotion? Scott’s pleased to announce that he’s in charge of Newman’s digital news company, Hashtag.

At CL’s, Sharon asks Zack how his business is going with Abby (but moves on understanding that he can’t discuss it) He then encounters Tessa. What are you doing? she yelps when he grabs her arm – what are you doing in GC? What do you want from me??

Cane tells Maddie that he’s just troubled by boring work stuff. No, his and Mom’s job aren’t on the line – it’ll blow over. All will be fine. Don’t worry. Maddie has the same advice for her Dad – nothing’s as bad as it seems ~hug~

Now in Vikki’s office, Neil worries that Lily will be crushed and hopes he didn’t reassure her too much. Vikki thinks he has reason to be optimistic – unless Neil has facts she doesn’t. No, he has no bombshells but hopes there are no surprises. Vikki’s sure Juliet’s case is being thrown out as we speak.

Leslie continues to make her case – Juliet sacrificed her dignity in Cane Ashby’s hotel room and was then denied the job he offered. That same day, she was offered another job – then fired for another male superior’s mistake. Mike disagrees with the creative story and is surprised to hear that Juliet has a witness (and not happy that the Judge is ready to rule already)

On the CL’s patio, Zack tells Tessa to pull it together before people think she has a screw loose – he had no idea she as in GC, has a new life he doesn’t want Tessa to be part of – move on. She agrees – this is the last time we’ll talk. When Tessa heads inside, Sharon notes the intense conversation – do you know that guy?

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