Wednesday, June 14th

Cane takes the phone away as Juliet threatens to call security. My life is falling apart and you’re the only one who can help me.

Lily’s surprised when Vikki drops by to speak to Cane. Told he’s not home, Vikki warns Lily that things are going to get very ugly – and fast.

At Underground, Phyllis, the ‘miracle worker’ manages to put Billy in a celebratory mood. When Nick arrives with Chelsea, she congratulates Phyllis while Nick repeats what he told his sister – you can do better (than Billy)

Mariah comes home to change for her date with Devon – and to notice Sharon’s new dress, the table set for two and the aroma of cheese souffle. Is tonight a special night?

Still at the office, Scott scoffs at Abby’s dating app being so original. Abby suggests he sign up – you need all the help you can get.

Abby’s sure men are flocking to egotistical men (like Scott) The app’s great but can’t work miracles. Hearing he has a date, she assumes it’s a blind date (literally) When Scott again mentions the Naked Heiress, Abby’s sure Hashtag will be a failure. She then introduces Zack, the man responsible for the next great dating boom. Scott takes Abby into Victor’s office to say she shouldn’t be dating a subordinate (it’s against Newman policy) Hurling a few more insults, Abby marches off to join Zack at the elevator.

Billy sarcastic – knowing all Nick’s relationship are smooth sailing. None of us four have any moral high ground, Phyllis points out. Following Nick to the bar, Chelsea steps in to take over for Noah (who rewards her jokes about cheering Nick up with a smile)

You shouldn’t be here, Juliet tells Cane. Guessing that Hilary’s behind this, Cane warns that she’s not your friend. I was your friend, Lily was your friend. You’re going to destroy my family.

Lily’s understandably upset to hear that the case is moving forward. No, Cane didn’t tell her – he must be freaking out. Yes, Vikki thinks Cane will need to testify. Of course, she believes him – but is Lily having doubts??

Telling Billy to ignore Nick, Phyllis then goes to scold her ex. You’re not a saint (she remembers waiting for him to decide between her and Sharon) No one’s warning Chelsea to stay away from you. Billy’s living with me so stop getting in his face. I’ll take your silence as a yes. Nick will try but don’t expect a housewarming present.

At the bar, Chelsea pours Billy a free drink. They then discuss their conflicting feelings over Chloe’s death, Billy living with Phyllis and life being too short to wait for happiness. Chelsea’s taking things slow with Nick. Be careful you don’t go so slow you’re going backward, Billy warns.

Noah’s at the other end of the bar showing Devon an unsigned group online – he’ll have someone go check them out. Tessa then tells Noah that she freaked out for nothing. He’s pleased to hear she’s sticking around.

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