Friday, June 16th

At the condo, Billy doesn’t know whether Cane’s guilty or innocent – but this is bad timing for Vikki – he’s worried about her. Phyllis figures that Billy can be a supportive employee and co-parent – but Vikki’s emotional well-being isn’t your problem.

Vikki’s dropped by Mike’s – the burden of proof is on Leslie and Juliet – they don’t have a shred of evidence. Vikki isn’t as confident as she was earlier.

Cane’s glad Lily has a shoulder to lean on – but glares at Jordan as Lily hugs him. You’re lucky to have such a good friend, Cane lies.

At Jabot, Jack bluntly asks what Dina feels towards Graham – he seems as important as family. Dina worries she’ll let Jack down again.

Still at the club, Graham provides his last name; Bloodworth. Ashley thinks they’ve made enough wrong assumptions – let’s start over.

Vikki mentions the bad publicity for BnS. Mike thought of that – he’s going to have the depositions sealed. Juliet doesn’t want to be branded a liar. Now to go over Vikki’s testimony; No, Juliet didn’t mention being sexually harassed. Yes, she was fired for cause and Cane didn’t have any input. Vikki won’t let Leslie get to her.

Billy assumes he feels the same way about Jack that he does about Vikki. It seems she occupies a lot of your time, Phyllis ‘observes’. Billy can’t help but feel responsible for the lawsuit. Go surprise the kids – go have dinner with them, Phyllis is rewarded with a ‘you are great’ kiss.

Hilary pauses over a text she’s contemplating sending to Devon – can we talk, please?

After Jordan leaves, Lily’s aghast to hear that the lawsuit’s still on. Cane also hopes Mike rips Juliet’s lies apart. Lily relays her visit to Hilary (and Jordan’s reaction) She’s enjoying every minute of ripping our lives apart.

Why would you think you’d let us down? Jack points out that he and Ashley want to get to know their Mother – who belongs in the family home. John didn’t redecorate in case Dina ever came back. He’d have forgiven you (as would Jack) When Jack’s reminded of a meeting, Dina’s left to taunt Gloria – oh, Jack didn’t tell you I was staying in town???

Still lingering over coffee, Graham answers Ashley’s questions – he’s an entrepreneur who never wanted the corporate life until he met Dina – it’s been a successful partnership. He came from a small town with family values but knows families are complex so is in no position to judge. Why? Ashley asks.

I missed you – glad you came back, Hilary’s cut off by Jordan (who updates that Lily’s a wreck thanks to her) Hilary’s just doing her job (but knows it’s more than that so will step back from the lawsuit) She said ‘no’ to Juliet’s request that she be a character witness. Jordan wonders how Hilary’d know anything – unless she’s involved.

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