Wednesday, September 6th

Mariah’s caught watching Tessa doing yoga in the gym. I was just um admiring your technique – you have great form. You look hot, Tessa replies flirtatiously.

You took an ice pick to Alice’s tire? What’s to be gained by stranding her downtown? Nick wonders. Sharon’s going to prove it was the car she saw leaving the station – and that Alice as driving it. How? Nick asks.

Lily looks smokin’ hot in her sexy dress and shoes as she poses in the doorway at BnS. Are you ready to do this? she asks Jordan (who seems to be just as excited)

Hi. Hey. Hilary asks Cane about the test results. They came back negative, he’s happy to report. Now, what does Hilary really want? Taking a seat, Hilary shakes her head at the thought of Juliet using this crisis to bond and hold hands with her baby-daddy (which might give Lily yet another reason to end their marriage)

Jordan’s more than ready to do this – but being back at BnS makes Lily think about how much has changed with Cane. He told lies to cover his lies – how did I not see him becoming this person? Dabbing at her tears so as not to ruin her makeup, Lily won’t blow this – Vikki and Billy are counting on us – and she works with someone who brings out the best in her.

Hilary tells Cane that Lily’s doing a photoshoot today, with Jordan; their first shoot since the separation. Everyone knows how this story ends between artist and muse. Now guessing that Jordan dumped Hilary, Cane knows she doesn’t give a damn about his marriage/family. Hilary’a happy to hear about the waffle breakfast. It’s a good sign. Not so sure, Cane’s warned not to get distracted. It must be hard for Mattie to deal with her her Father getting another woman pregnant. It’s more than that, Cane sighs.

Back at Underground, Nick and Sharon continue to butt heads over Alice. Reminding Nick that she helped him in his plan against Chloe, Sharon asks if he still has the tracking device he used to track her. Look who’s back, Nick booms as Alice comes in to say her tire is completely flat – can you believe it?

Cane tells Hilary all about Reed and Mattie; worried he’ll take advantage (after catching them making out at the house) Lily’s concerned but playing good cop. Hilary will focus on Jordan – Cane’s to focus on winning back Lily and the kids. They love you. Cane hopes that’s true. Ugh, Mattie and Reed, Hilary sighs. It’s a total nightmare, Cane agrees and leaves Hilary smirking.

On the CL’s patio, Reed and Mattie joke about sneaking around in broad daylight. She told her parents that she joined the drama club. Oh how they’ve missed one another (as they hold hands under the table)

Mariah lays her mat in the middle of the gym beside Tessa to grumble about the class she just took. She picks up Tessa’s tablet to read a song she’s writing about her sister. This is amazing, she gushes. Tessa credits a great talk with Noah; the first (and only) person to ask me what Crystal’s like (Mariah looks guilty)

You’re a lifesaver, Alice appreciates Nick going to change her tire (after he grabs his phone from the office) Coffee? Sharon offers. Alice could use something stronger. As Sharon pours a drink, she discreetly takes a photo of Alice making a call. Outside, Nick changes the tire and tucks the GPS tracking device under the wheel well.

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