Thursday, September 7th

Hoping to escape work, Abby wonders if Scott can work out later. Sure, he pretends to get up. Really? No, he scoffs and continues to work his abs. Abby walks off with a scowl.

Also at the gym, Hilary notices Devon hoisting heavy free weights. Want to talk about it? she goes over to ask.

Lily’s surprised when Cane drops by (ringing the doorbell instead of using his key) She assumes he’s there to talk about the kids’ first day of school. That’s not the only reason.

On the CL’s patio, Tessa’s sure Alice has Crystal. What kind of woman would do that? she asks Mariah.

Zack’s visiting Alice’s upscale house to see Rainbow Girl – he’ll be the judge of whether her attitude is better. Crystal summoned out, Zack says that a lot of people are concerned about her.

Seeing (on the tracker app) that Alice’s car is back at the house, Sharon appreciates Nick’s help and support – and when she gets up determined to go investigate, Nick stops her.

Sure, Abby gives Scott a hard time but she wouldn’t wish Sharon even on him. She caused the Newmans a lot of pain. Reminding Abby of her Naked Heiress days, Scott wonders how she’d like to be judged on the worst things she’s done. And why does she keep checking her phone? Abby’s supposed to be meeting Zack here. So your genius boyfriend is blowing you off? Scott’s amused.

Asking to speak alone to Crystal, Zack confirms that she’s happy here and scolds her for running away. He’s good at reading people and isn’t sure Crystal can be trusted. You wanted to see your sister – Tessa, Zack surprises Crystal by knowing this (and claims he just wants to help)

Mariah has nothing good to say about Alice (but who am I to judge – I disrespected my sister’s memory by pretending to be Cassie’s ghost) Both of us went through hell as kids, not knowing the other existed. We both survived and made our way back to Sharon. Tessa’s sorry Mariah never got to know her sister.

Sharon will be discreet. The houses in that neighborhood are sure to have security, Nick warns – he still can’t believe Alice would get involved in a sex ring. Well, Sharon does – and Scott says… Nick doesn’t care what Scott says. He might be willing to put your life in jeopardy but I’m not.

Zack’s working hard for his success, Abby claims. Scott knows all about him being invited to dinner at Daddy’s house. As much as he’d like to continue this, he has to hit the showers and meet Sharon. Have a good one, he jogs off.

Devon talks to Hilary about getting his business off the ground and mentions the twins. Kids – that’s one complication we avoided, Hilary thinks Devon would be a good Dad. Devon thinks she’ll be a good Mom one day. Hilary doesn’t want any pity re: Jordan. The person he should worry about is Lily.

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