Friday, September 8th

At CL’s, Scott can tell that Sharon’s torn between listening to Nick (staying safe) and pursuing Alice. He declines going by himself and is content with seeing how this whole thing unfolds from a safe distance. Sharon again checks the GPS app monitoring Alice.

Promise you’ll be careful, Mariah instructs from the car – if anything goes wrong Tessa is to run.

Inside, Alice has Crystal’s bag packed – her leaving isn’t a punishment. The boss thinks you deserve special treatment. You’re one of my favourite girls. Everything will be fine, Alice reassures the nervous girl – you’ll see.

Ashley finds Jack in his office reading Dina’s impressive report. She’s turning out to be quite an asset, he thinks. She’s turning out to be quite a threat, Ashley disagrees.

Phyllis and Lauren are having a working dinner at the club. Pulling out sales reports, Lauren can’t wait to see the results of giving Jabot’s new Parker Beauty line and BnS equal shelf space. This can’t be right, Phyllis frowns at the folder.

These numbers are way above what we projected, Billy’s looking at sales figures with Vikki at the office. We’re on a roll. Vikki again thanks Billy and hopes Phyllis doesn’t find out (that he accessed her computer)

Back at Jabot, Ashley informs that thanks to Ravi, she learned that Dina’s sharing sensitive company info with Graham. When confronted, she didn’t apologize and declared Graham an asset. Furious to hear that Graham has Dina’s username and password, Jack needs to handle this right now.

Ravi’s delivered Dina’s updated laptop to her suite. You’re so thoughtful and considerate – unlike my daughter, Dina whines that Ashley thinks her too stupid and old to know if she’s being used. Ravi’s sure it’s hard for both Mother and daughter. Dina wonders exactly what Ashley said to him.

Ready to go home with Scott, Sharon goes in the back to get the night deposit bag. Scott’s about to flip the sign to ‘closed’ when Abby appears to demand cookies. I guess your date tonight wasn’t ‘dreamy’, Scott notes her mood. No – Abby admits that Scott was right and is surprised when he defends Zack; give him a chance to explain himself. When Sharon comes out, Abby puts money in the tip jar, thanks Scott and leaves Sharon to wonder what all that was about.

Sending Alice up to her room, Alice opens the door to tell Tessa that no one at this address wanted music lessons. I must have written the wrong address down – I’m such an airhead, Tessa claims (as Crystal listens) Can I use your phone, please? Mine died, Tessa explains. As Crystal continues to listen, Alice refuses Tessa’s requests.

I can’t lose this gig, Tessa has credit card debt – can I borrow your charger? Sweetie – I can’t – sorry – bye, Alice closes the door.

Half eaten dinner ignored, Phyllis is suspicious of the sudden bump in BnS sales. Lauren thinks a spike is good. Jabot might be motivated to up their ad budget. They’re our business partner, Phyllis thinks Fenmore’s should be invested in Jabot’s success. Lauren knows that Jack and Phyllis have it in for BnS but she wants no part of their agenda. Vikki’s not playing fairly, Phyllis sulks. When it’s clear Lauren won’t play favorites, Phyllis suddenly feels ill and bolts. This can only end badly, Lauren calls out and then asks for the check.

Whatever you did to improve our numbers at Fenmore’s worked, Vikki tells Billy – who wishes he could pull that off at other chains. We need numbers up across the board. Dare’s a winner, a babe magnet, Billy sprays some in the air. Depends who you spray it on, Vikki smiles flirtatiously into Billy’s eyes.

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