Friday, September 15th

What are you doing? Graham accuses Ashley of breaking into his suite. Startled, Ashley just needs to catch her breath. She’s given 10 seconds before Graham calls the police.

Repeating that Phyllis will betray ‘this fine young man’ like she did his brother, Dina’s reminded that she abandoned her husband and 3 kids. When Billy asks Phyllis to stand down, Dina praises his decency and leaves Phyllis pissed that he took Dina’s side over hers.

At Underground, Nick updates Chelsea that he told Faith the truth; but not the entire truth, it’s too ugly. What’s Victor done this time? she asks.

Dad? Are you home? Abby finds Victor sitting in the dark at the ranch. He prefers to be alone. Abby takes a seat to ask what’s going on. Heaving a sigh, Victor won’t talk about it – other than to say that what Nick did cut too deep.

‘It’s magical’, Nikki declares the cabin as she and Jack walk in. Deciding that SHE will cook this time, Nikki’s looking forward to sitting on the porch with Jack and Nikki credits this place with giving her the strength to leave Victor. Jack wonders if she’s here because she’s wavering on that decision.

Nick turned Faith against me, Victor claims – he told Faith that I kicked him out because I helped Noah get a liquor license. That is the truth, Abby gently reminds.

Nick knows that Faith can handle the truth – she told my Dad what she thought.

Nick ruined my relationship with Faith, Victor continues to whine to Abby.

Chelsea’s surprised to hear that Nick’s willing to still let Faith see Victor if she wants to.

Victor continues his attempt to hoodwink Abby – he didn’t confront Nick because he didn’t want to do so in front of Faith.

Abby knows Nick wouldn’t turn Faith against Victor, certainly not because he did him and Noah a favour. Go talk to him, Abby holds her Dad’s hand. He thanks her for listening.

Ashley tells Graham that Dina gave her the key to fetch her some documents (which she couldn’t find) How was Paris? (she’s ‘trying to be civil’) After Ashley leaves, Graham calls Dina immediately – I need to see you pronto.

Billy was just trying to get Phyllis out of here so they could go to dinner. Phyllis won’t be patronized – cancel the reservations. Good, Billy has a better idea to release her aggression – let’s go.

Ashley tells Ravi about Graham catching her in his suite. Dina’s paying for his room and he’s footing the (big) bill for someone else at an assisted living facility in Florida.

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