Wednesday, September 20th

Juliet shows up at the Chancellor estate. What are you doing here? Cane opens the front door to ask (with a drink in his hand) Saving your life, Juliet has take out food.

At home, Mariah models a new dress to see what Tessa thinks. Devon will be impressed, Tessa loves it. We’re two hot girls dressing up for our guys, Mariah pales upon hearing that Tessa’s not dressed up for Noah – she has someone new in her life.

Served coffee at CL’s, Scott knows Sharon’s disappointed that they couldn’t find Alice; she vanished into thin air. Both agreeing that Crystal’s in danger, Sharon has no idea what to do. Scott does.

At the penthouse, Nick prattles on about his cooking skills until he notices that Chelsea’s frowning and not listening. What’s wrong? She can’t stop thinking about Victor.

Kevin’s still at the ranch getting details on his assignment. Victor claims that Nick’s only rich because he sued him. He’s using that settlement to fund his endeavors. Victor wants to remove that option. There’s no legal way to remove that money, Kevin squawks. That’s where you come in, Victor replies.

When Mattie comes home, Lily invites her to a girls night out; dinner at the club. Mattie whines about not being able to see Reed but looks hopeful upon hearing that her parents went to counseling today. Does that mean you’re getting back together?? she smiles.

Juliet thought Cane could use some Chinese – you don’t have to eat with me, she’s about to leave when Cane invites her in. The baby and I are starving (yet Juliet seems to be in no hurry and looks pleased when Cane thinks his first therapy session with Lily will be their last)

If Herv likes what he hears tonight, I’ll be booked coast to coast, Tessa can’t help but feel guilty for focusing on her career while her sister is missing. Mariah doesn’t think Tessa putting her career and dreams aside will help – I’m your biggest fan (besides Noah of course) Noah and Devon arrive to compliment their ladies. Noah and Tessa are off to a family dinner at Nick’s – Devon and Mariah will enjoy some alone time before the foursome meets later at Underground.

Nick can’t worry about retaliation from Victor – get him out of your mind, he tells Chelsea then lists all the good things in his life; his relationship with Noah and their project top the list.

Nick fired the family financial adviser and moved his money. Victor wants Kevin to hack – no ‘access’ his account and transfer only the money he won in the lawsuit to Victor’s account; 500 million ‘buckaroos’. It’ll be invested, Kevin balks – this is a felony. It’s not the first time you’ve broken the law, Victor asks Kevin if he can’t or won’t do it.

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