Tuesday, October 3rd

Graham didn’t deliberately not mention his Aunt. YOU are my only real family now, he tells Dina (who guesses that Graham’s too humble to talk about his good deeds; like taking care of his Aunt) Dina wishes her children would see Graham the way she does. He doesn’t care how Dina’s kids treat him – the truth will always come out in the end.

Lauren did a bang up job with these promos, Jack’s impressed by the folder he flips through (Phyllis is annoyed when getting no credit or praise) Phyllis then tells Jack that she hasn’t found any proof against BnS’s sales spike (but won’t give up) She’s willing to help with any plans Jack might have. Jack’s taking things in a different direction – and doesn’t need any help from Phyllis (who’s left to look troubled)

A trap? How so? Billy wonders. Vikki explains that if BnS allocates all its’ funds and energy in one place (the wrong place) we’re done. Billy wants to re-purpose the new mask and anti-aging skin care line (Victor’s gift) – change the scent, the branding and add it to the mens’ line. Jack’s left a huge hole in the men’s market. When Vikki worries how much money it’ll cost, Billy says they can’t walk away from this chance.

Nick assures Chelsea that Victor’s after him – she shouldn’t worry about this. Nick won’t let his Dad get away with this. I know what I have to do – he won’t see it coming.

Ashley and Ravi wonder aloud about Graham – how far back does this grudge go? Ashley asks Ravi to look into where Graham’s Mother worked. We must find out why Graham’s life in GC is a mystery.

Phyllis tells Jack that she’s proven herself a valuable ally to Jack/Jabot; nevermind her personal agenda (keeping Billy and Vikki apart) Jack gloats that BnS is sinking. He has good reason to be – BnS can’t possibly win this race.

Billy insists that expanding BnS’s men’s line is the way to go. We can stabilize and rebuild (and repay Neil) Jack wants us to fail. We can’t let him win now. Vikki hands over the flashdrive – let’s do it. Thank you Billy, she peers over his shoulder at the laptop.

Next: Merna Blood worth is on the phone with Graham – don’t get soft. Not when we’re so close to paying that bitch Dina back for what she did to us….. After everything we’ve done to beat Jack, we offer nothing, Billy tells Vikki …. Your name and Dad’s are linked together with this honour, forever, Jack says as Ashley holds some sort of award.

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