Wednesday, October 4th

In the office, Jack hands Ashley their Father’s ‘Innovator of the year’ award. Taking a moment to remember their wonderful Father and how thrilled he was to receive this award, an emotional Jack tells Ashley that she’ll soon be holding her own ‘Innovator of the year’ award. He just got the call – this honor links you and Dad together forever.

In the lab, Vikki sends her chemists rushing back to work. Billy comes out in a snit to say there might not be any point. Everything we’ve done to try beat Jack may be for nothing.

Wow. Divorce. Neil’s so sad for Lily. Do the kids know? Yes. This has been so hard on them. At least they’re not in limbo anymore. Neil knows stability is everything to a kid; knowing you can count on family. Not just when you’re a kid, Lily hugs her Dad.

Hilary is at the gym to model spandex and work out her vocal chords – are you really not going to fight for your family!? she berates Cane. You’re a quitter! Look me in the eye and say he’s giving up. Can you!? she challenges.

In the office, Billy shows Vikki the lame resumes the headhunter sent over to fill an executive position. Read em and weep. These people have no experience, Vikki agrees. We were better off with Cane and Juliet. But don’t panic – Vikki won’t bring Cane back – but he was good at his job. Both are determined to find the right person.

Back in Jack’s office, Ashley’s told that she was the unanimous choice. You started JabotGo, revived Parker Beauty. Oh, what a proud brother Jack is. Dad would be proud too.

Merna’s on the phone – let’s not underestimate Dina (the destroyer) She didn’t care that Brent was married. Graham now understands Ashley – it must hurt to learn she wasn’t John’s daughter. Don’t get soft, Merna warns – turn those kids against Dina. Dina comes knocking on the door – demanding to know who he was talking to on the phone.

Graham was talking to his Aunt in Florida. He fails in trying to get Dina not to go to Jabot. And isn’t happy to hear that she’s having second thoughts about him taking it upon himself to hire that photographer. Given my mistakes, who am I to judge (Jack and Nikki)? Dina is in GC to fend fences with her family. Graham understands – may I drive you? No, Dina’s ordered a car. Graham’s left looking somewhat useless.

Replacing John’s award on the mantel, Jack tells Ashley that he’s throwing a party in her honour. Hearing the guest list, Ashley notes that Billy’s not on it. He’ll know you’re hiding something if he’s not invited. OK – Jack wants Ashley to go invite him (and sniff around) Up for a little subterfuge? I guess I wouldn’t be Innovator of the Year if I wasn’t, Ash quips.

Lily continues to vent to Neil. He’s proud of her and wishes the best for the twins – but has no sympathy for Cane. He used your devotion to family to drag this out. You’ll get through this. Lily plans to throw herself into her work. She has bills to pay. Her modeling has fallen off a bit, Neil mentions that Jordan’s a good friend. Yes, I count on him a lot, Lily agrees.

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