Wednesday, October 11th

Still at the Abbott mansion, Ashley asks Traci what she remembers about Graham Davis. Not much except the boy didn’t seem happy. Ashley flashes back to Graham telling her that he’s not the ‘bastard’ in all of this. Traci then lets Ravi in – something wrong? he asks. Ashley’s thinking about her speech. Traci knows she wishes Daddy was here. Yes, he always knew what to do and say – but I have to do this one on my own, Ashley has a lot on her mind.

Phyllis quizzes Billy about shaking Jack’s hand. Billy knows he’s only here because Ashley felt obligated to invite him. When he goes for a drink, Hilary needles Phyllis about the way Billy asked Neil if Vikki’s alright. Arriving to applause, Ashley quietly tells Jack that tonight the Abbott’s show their strength.

Nick’s admits that he’s been given a lot in life. Hilary asks if he’s forgiven his Father. Nick talks about him and his sisters suing their Father (and each getting half a billion) That money’s been sitting there all this time. My Father worked for that money – it comes with problems. Hilary’s dying to know more. Nick’s eliminating the problem by giving the money away; the bulk of it will go to the Abbott Winters Foundation. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first, Hilary concludes. Watching the whole interview at GC Buzz, Chelsea tells Nick that he just dropped a major bombshell.

It had to be done. Nick and Chelsea both know there’ll be repercussions. When Nick’s phone goes off, he knows he’s about to find out the family’s reaction.

Nikki interrupts Jack and Dina to say that she must leave to attend to a family emergency. Looks like she suddenly remembered what family she belongs to, Dina quips. Jack then leaves Ashley with Dina and Graham (so he can show Nikki to her car) Ashley tells Graham that it’s going to be a great night. Dina and Graham go to admire the view – Ashley and Ravi go for a drink. Chatting with Hilary, Devon informs that Mariah was too tired to come. Yes, it does seem pretty early, he agrees. Abby arrives to tell Dina (and Graham) that Nick’s donating all his money to charity. Across the room, Traci talks to Billy about making amends (with Jack) All of John Abbott’s children act on the same philosophy – what would Dad do?

Devon takes a seat beside Hilary. Mike jokes with Phyllis. Billy jokes too – what could go wrong at an Abbott family function? Neil jokes about the camera being there to capture everything. At another table, Traci chats with Graham – writers like to know everything about everyone; to learn what makes every character tick.

Hearing Phyllis, Mike and Billy talk about honesty, Jack thinks it time to honour the most forthright businesswoman he knows; Ashley Abbott. Tonight is about Ashley; our sister – the apple of Daddy’s eye. Traci reads a poem she wrote as a child. With a few more nice words, Jack hands Ashley her award. At their table, Graham encourages (all but forces) Dina to say a few words. May I please speak? she stands to command everyone’s attention.

Mom and Nick should be here soon, Vikki tells her Dad – we can talk him out of this. When Nikki arrives, Victor doesn’t feel guilty about keeping her from ‘that clown’, Jack Abbott’s side. Let the family meeting commence, Nick announces when he arrives with Chelsea (who denies this was her idea – but she supports it) Ask Dad why I made this move, Nick challenges Victor – tell Mom and Vikki that you stole every last cent from my checking account.

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