Monday, November 6th

Sorry he missed a meeting, Devon’s back from an exhausting trip to New York (scouting artists at nightclubs) Neil wishes he had something to be as passionate about.

Coming home to loud music, Lily’s surprised that Mattie’s the one playing it while Charlie’s setting the table for dinner. Mattie’s bummed – not about Reed but about tomorrow’s divorce hearing.

Hobbling into the estate on crutches, Billy and Juliet exchange ‘what are you doing here’s?’. Both will be living there.

In Jack’s office, Gloria rants about the West Coast buyers being angry that someone jacked up Jabot’s prices. Enter Dina – wait til you hear what I did for you, she boasts to Jack.

At the club’s bar, Jordan reminds Hilary that he has copies of her nude photos (which will go public if she tries to take him down) You can kiss your dreams of being the next Julie Chen goodbye, he finishes his drink and leaves Hilary to fume.

Hilary picks up the phone Jordan left behind as Devon turns around to eyeball her. Neil scolds him and whines about being bored. He loves their new venture but feels he’s missing out on all the fun. No, he won’t leave HWG. As for the meeting, this PR firm is great – they’re a perfect fit. The only downside – they need a new CEO. You do it, Devon encourages.

All greeting one another, Phyllis leaves Chelsea to join Neil and Devon’s table. We just acquired a PR firm and Neil’s going to run it, Devon announces. Chelsea’s surprised Neil’s going to be involved in something so progressive and edgy (and Neil’s not happy with the implication that he’s too old and stodgy)

Jill will kick me out before you, Billy assures Juliet. You get a room – I get a room. You’re forgetting somebody, Juliet says – as Cane comes home.

Jack thanks, then dismisses Gloria to lecture Dina on making decisions she has no business making; adjusting prices isn’t part of your job. You’re supposed to be making a profit not running a charity, what the hell is wrong with you!? Dina barks – as Gloria eavesdrops outside the office door looking just as stunned as Jack.

Lily’s sat the kids down for a talk about the divorce. After Mattie huffs off to her room, Charlie tells his Mom that it’s not her fault, it’s Dad’s. Do you still love him? Yes, Lily does. Charlie doesn’t understand why they’re getting a divorce then.

Juliet refuses to stay under a roof with Billy and Cane snapping at one another. Both men are Father’s and realize the baby’s more important than their issues. Cane then hands Juliet a glass of milk to take up to bed and refuses to engage Billy. You saved my kids – that’s a debt I can’t repay.

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