Thursday, November 9th

At Jabot, Abby’s bubbling over with excitement when inviting her Mother to the party her Dad’s throwing for her. There’s been a lot of closed-door meetings. She suspects Victor might be announcing that he’s giving her a new title and a bigger role in the company! Ashley’s so happy for Abby ~hug~

Victor and Vikki meet Neil at Top of the Tower. Without even mentioning Abby, Neil spells out the mission; tonight is all about reviving Brash n Sassy by announcing that the company is coming back home to Newman. Vikki is NE’s new COO; the face of tomorrow. Father and daughter – the dream team sitting atop Newman Enterprises. Let’s do it, Victor agrees.

This time it’s Lily’s turn to wake up on the couch in GCM’s waiting room. Juliet didn’t ‘make it’ and Cane hasn’t been told whether the baby will either; they don’t know – there’s too many complications.

Tessa drops by CL’s on her way to perform at the Newman party. You’ll have a life soon too, she reassures Crystal. Zack will pay for what he did to you and those other girls, Tessa vows.

On the patio, Scott tells Sharon that tonight’s party is a PR thing for Design Date; Newman’s latest hit. Zack played this perfectly – he legitimized himself. It’d be a shame to ruin Zack’s night, Sharon replies coyly (as Zack arrives at Top of the Tower)

Poor little boy; no Mother, fighting for his life, Lily feels sick about it and feels guilty for being jealous that Juliet was carrying his child. She thought life would be better if Juliet was gone for good. Cane knows Lily didn’t want this – your feelings are natural. When Mattie calls for an update, Lily will talk to her later and lets her off her grounding for the evening. I can go, Mattie texts Reed.

Sad to report that they just can’t keep Dina on at Jabot, Ashley thinks maybe Abby can convince her grandmother that she and Jack aren’t trying to punish her. Abby relays seeing Dina stuffing sugar packets into her purse. Maybe she doesn’t want to ask Mrs Martinez where the sugar’s kept? Ashley suggests.

At Top of the Tower, Zack thinks Victor must be so proud that he can move Abby up in the company, give her the reigns/put her in the spotlight. This party isn’t just about Design Date – it’s about the company, the family, Victor corrects but is impressed by Design Date’s success. Across the room, Nikki’s with Vikki; Abby must be thrilled that Victor went to so much trouble for her. It’s an important night for all of us, Vikki adds as Neil comes along to hope that Nikki will play family matriarch tonight. Just play the usual carefully cultivated charade, Victor requests.

Scott and Sharon update Crystal on Design Date – the people who funded it have no idea. They suggest confronting Zack at the party tonight. Sharon will get it on video and Scott will be at Crystal’s side the entire time. You don’t have to do this, Sharon adds. It might be our best chance to nail the bastard. Sounds swanky, I’ll need a killer outfit, Crystal smiles.

All dressed up at the Ashby home, Mattie and Reed hug. I missed you. I missed you too.

At Jabot, Dina’s not happy to find Ashley rummaging through her cardboard box of office things. I was bringing them home for you, Ashley explains. Are you that eager to get me out of Jabot that you won’t let me in the building? Dina grabs her box and assures that she won’t be the one who makes them late for Abby’s party tonight.

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