Tuesday, November 14th

Now daytime, Abby and Scott are still stuck in the storage locker. He awakens grumbling as she’s making noise to try attract attention. Nobody’s coming, Scott’s sure – we’re in the middle of nowhere. Abby disagrees – I’m a Newman and an Abbott and you’re a semi-renowned journalist. Someone will miss us.

Paup drops by CL’s for coffee (not to give Sharon news) She’s annoyed that the top news headline is about Newman’s interests in Design Date (not Scott and Abby’s disappearance) Abby went with Zack willingly and Scott might not have called because he has no reception, Paul reasons.

At Jabot, Phyllis shows Jack the news online – ecstatic that Design Date is taking Newman down. Jack’s more worried about Abby – we need to find her. What do you mean find her? Phyllis asks.

In Victor’s office, Neil reads the news online; Newman Enterprises Busted In a Sex Ring Scandal. Vikki’s glad Neil’s computer wasn’t confiscated. We only have the word of some prostitute that Design Date’s a front for a sex ring – and she’s disappeared. People will believe it whether it’s true or not, Neil worries. When Lily appears, Vikki tells her it’s not a good time. This can’t wait, Lily’s polite but firm.

At the club, Cane thanks Hilary for attending Juliet’s funeral (sounds like they were the only two mourners – her Father didn’t even show up) Juliet’s son’s life is just beginning – where do you go from here? Hilary asks Cane.

Vikki apologizes for keeping Lily out of the loop but this new contract indicates she does indeed have a job. Lily sees a diminished role in marketing. Yes, Vikki plans to use her in a more ‘general’ role. Everyone must be flexible. Lily’s not happy that her salary and benefits have been cut. Look the contract over and take any concerns to HR, Vikki’s dismissive. Lily would like to take it up with Vikki now. This is a standard NE contract – out of Vikki’s hands. Neil looks as disappointed as Lily.

Scott finally gets up to help Abby ‘McGyver’ her way out. Opening boxes, she finds immigration papers of girls who came looking for a better life. Go ahead – tell me it’s all my fault, she wails. I already hate myself as much as you do.

Paul’s confident that Scott can take care of himself. What about Crystal? Sharon worries. Paul will bring everyone home safely – don’t give up.

A ‘pimp-outing’, a stabbing and Abby’s still missing, Phyllis sums an eventful event. At least Dina’s home safe. Jack’s even resorted to working with Victor to find Abby. The media’s ignoring it and focussing on Newman/Design Date, he notes. If you don’t like the story being told, find a way to tell it yourself, Phyllis suggests.

Exiting the office, Jack agrees that going on Hilary’s show might be a good idea. He also appreciates Phyllis’ offer to go pitch the idea to Hilary. Thanks for being my friend in my hour of need.

At the club’s bar with Hilary, Cane’s sorry that Juliet never got to meet her son but he’ll fight for him. The twins? They’re going through a rough time. Hilary wonders if there’s any chance Lily will change her mind on the divorce. No, Cane sighs. When Hilary gets a text from Phyllis, she gives Cane a quick kiss and walks away to call Mattie – your Dad’s at the club and in bad shape. Hanging up, Mattie updates Charlie that Dad’s not doing well. He convinces her that they should go cheer him up. Sometimes you have to suck it up and do what’s best for the family.

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