Friday, August 9th

Mariah finds Sharon in the living room of their home, which has been transformed into a fitting room full of potential bridesmaids dresses. The theme is “fashion-forward” – let’s find something we can wear more than once! Who else is coming, Sharon? Summer shows up right on time for wine and thus Mariah is roped into another Girl’s Night.

Cane prepares his carry-on bag for his one-way trip to Australia. Lily doesn’t notice as she walks into their shared bedroom, too focused on Mattie’s knowledge of the sentence hearing. The pair agree that they intend to spend as much time together as possible while Lily is still a free woman.

**Riley is filling in while I’m enjoying a long weekend on the beautuful Atlantic Coast**

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Victoria is back in town and stops to catch up with Nikki. As Victoria passes her phone over for Nikki to watch a video from the trip, it becomes clear that Nikki’s treatment has not begun to work. She grabs her wrist and gently massages her fingers. Victoria shows her concern but is distracted by a phone call from Sharon, who is requesting her presence at the fitting, and in her bridal party. Victoria rejects the request, but seems to be considering. Mariah and Summer bicker in the corner, Summer finding pleasure in Mariah’s dislike for her.

Phyllis storms into Billy’s office, demanding to know Summer’s whereabouts. Billy knows she’s in trouble, but tells Phyllis anyways. When Phyllis is gone Ashley comes in, commenting on Phyllis’ haste. Ashley suggests he put a sign outside his office saying “No Running,” while he fires back her’s should say “No Backstabbing.”

Nikki calls Sharon’s Girls Night tacky, but Victoria defends Sharon’s intentions. Like Sharon said, maybe it would be a good way for me to repair my relationship with Nick if I am apart of the wedding party. Nikki agrees, and admits that Sharon deserves credit for the good things she does do, like telling them about Phyllis’ plan to pin the murder on them. Victoria thinks Nikki should join Girls Night.

Billy and Ashley debate the plan to construct Jaboutique. Why don’t you try my plan, Billy? It’s better. “He doesn’t have to,” Kyle says as he walks in, “He’s got Abbott blood, and a yacht.”

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