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Monday, July 10th

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He's A Real Nowhere Man
At the loft, Paul updates JT that Brad's on to them. He gave Brad the file as per Vic's instructions. It looks like just a background check - but Paul hopes they'll solve the case soon - before Brad realizes they're still investigating. Amongst other things, they know Brad was a navy seal - a killing machine - stationed in the Philippines. They've even narrowed it down to when the identity was stolen. Looks like to Ohio - we gotta move on this.

Meanwhile, at NE, Brad fumes. He tells Vikki that he canceled the cards because someone stole his identity and was buying online. He wonders if a background check was done on him when he was hired at NE. Vikki claims no - it would be a waste of time and energy. Brad smiles - guess I'm paranoid. With the increased security at home, Vikki's uncomfortable but realizes it's everywhere these days. Once alone, Brad sends down for the surveillance tapes - and is soon watching footage of JT sneaking into his office. Increasingly angry, Brad flashes back to JT being to help figure out who broke hacked into his computer.

The Brat Pack
At the coffee house, Colleen immediately suspects Kevin left the note on her table that says 'Watch your back'. He denies it - and suggests she find someplace else to hang out. Jenna tries to smooth things over (completely understanding why Colleen's freaked out - but Kevin wouldn't have had the time to do it). Since she'll soon be in charge, Jenna doesn't want to lose Colleen as a customer - so makes her a smoothie on the house.

When Jenna asks Kevin about the animosity between him and Colleen, he's vague - there's BC and DC - before Colleen and After Dinner. How about going to a club - or out for a walk. The pair kiss - and look forward to their date.

Back at the loft, JT checks out the note - he doesn't think it looks like Kevin's writing - and wonders how many have touched it. JT updates that Brad knows he was being investigated - but has no idea they're still at it. His goal has always been to protect her. We've both grown up. I used to be a drama queen, Colleen recalls. Used to be? JT smiles - it's one of the things I love about you. Colleen returns his kiss - I love you - never stopped. JT cautions her not to go anywhere alone - call Lily or Daniel.

Walkin' In A Winter's Wonderland
At the Winter's condo, Neil's done work for the night and wants to take Carmen on the rooftop to look through his telescope. Later, they watch a movie - Neil pauses it to answer the phone. Dru's on her way home. That's good Carmen says. Yeah, Neil agrees weakly. Once alone, he updates Lily that her Mom's coming home - then is left to think.

At the office, Carmen's distracted by fantasies of kissing Neil - then gets back to her work - the itinerary of Drucilla Winters. She tells Vikki about a convention in Prague - It's a lot to ask, but could Dru go? Thinking it a good idea, Vikki will contact her to see if she's game.

Who's Yer Daddy
At Memorial, Sharon tells Nick that they hit a tree - go ahead - ask, she accuses - you're desperate to know how Phyllis is doing. She walked away - that's all I know. Make sure she's OK - I'm not heartless.

In her room, Phyllis is told she'll need an ultra sound to confirm the baby's OK. She makes a quick call to alert Nick that Sharon knows about the baby. Sharon immediately guess - I don't have to ask who THAT was.

When the nurse comes to update them, Sharon blurts out that her husband really wants to see her. Go ahead - go see the woman who's carrying your baby. What a mistake it was to trust you. The Baldwin's arrive - and with a quick kiss for Lauren, Mike goes to see how Phyllis is.

Wanting to go home, Nick tells Sharon that the baby might not be his - it could be Jack's. He's awaiting results. Sharon has to wonder how long he was planning to keep this a secret. You want it to be yours. Nick denies this - and can't believe it when she says 'that's not what Cassie meant'. All she wants is the truth.

Phyllis tells Mike that her placenta may be detached - an ultra sound will confirm it either way. Please don't tell Sharon - you should have seen her face when I told her. I'm a terrible person - I want this baby to be Nick's. Mike promises that they will all be at the beach - with their 2 healthy red headed babies.

Back in the waiting room, Sharon calls Lauren back - Please stay - I DO need someone to talk to. When Lauren understands it must be painful, Sharon is further hurt to know that she too knew all about it. Who else didn't tell me? Lauren heart aches for Sharon - You ARE my friend. Sharon only wishes she hadn't let herself fall in love again.

Sharon then finds time to call Brad for an update. Concluding that the baby might be Jack's, she asks him not to tell anyone. What should I do? she whines. Sharon can tell by his tone that Vikki's now in the office. We'll set up a time to discuss it further, he says. When Vikki asks who it was, Brad lies - it was the Tokyo office.

Back in the waiting room, Nick admits to Mike that he hasn't handled the situation with his wife well. Sharon then joins Nick - go and see her for yourself - she knows what it's like to be pregnant and wouldn't wish this on anyone - not even Phyllis.

In her hospital bed, Phyllis flashes back to Nick's vow to support her. I'm fine she tells him when he sits at her bedside. Go to your wife. Forget me, I'm more worried about YOU, she says. A devastated Sharon peeks in just in time to see them holding hands and staring into one another's eyes.

My Thoughts - Today's show rates an 8.5 .... ....

Next: As Devon and Lily stand by, Neil sips on a frothy drink - and thanks Carmen for showing him what he's been missing .... Sharon lashes out at Nick - you're still lying - nothings changed ... Phyllis is surprised when Jack enters her hospital room - how did you know I was here? Nick told me, he answers.

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For those who were members of the message boards - and therefore, no doubt, a friend of 'Leafy's' - Amy Kay has created a very touching tribute. . Just added: my own eulogy or sorts. My thoughts: From the heart - Leafy.

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